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Where to apply for scholarships for study in the Republic? Added:19.12. 2008
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Where to apply for scholarships for study in the Republic?

The scholarship is financial aid for students and young scientists and is usually awarded on the basis of exceptional and creative learning outcomes or the social or industry criteria.

The basic types of scholarships are merit scholarship, scholarship for creative activities, social grant, special grant, scholarship, scholarship for foreigners, housing stipend or scholarship purpose.

[* Money.jpg. (During the study you can reach to several types of scholarships (photo: stock.xchng) <] * *** During the study you can reach to several types of scholarships (photo: stock.xchng) *

This scholarship offers students from each university, the Czech government, various foundations, funds and other Czech and international agencies or organizations. For more detailed information on scholarships, contact your chosen institution, which offers scholarships.

Committee of Good Will – Olga Havel Foundation

Gifted children with disabilities and children's homes can apply for a scholarship to study at secondary schools and universities in the Republic Education Fund, which is one of the long-term projects, the Committee of Good Will – Olga Havel Foundation. Scholarship students may receive college and high school aged 15 to 26 years who have a better average results than 2.0. If they are conscientious, they can receive up to graduation. Using funds provided is not limited by anything. Students who complete studies with honors, receiving a premium. More information can be found here: „“:

Jan Hus Educational Foundation

Jan Hus Educational Foundation was founded in the late seventies in Oxford to help endangered culture and education in communist Czechoslovakia. Until 1989 resided abroad, now has offices in Brno and offices in Prague and Bratislava. It supports a large high school. You is currently troubling departures of talented young teachers who are not adequately funded and must therefore seek other sources of livelihood. Scholarship Foundation gives a few selected internal assistants or graduate students working in the humanities and social sciences. More about the activities of this foundation and scholarships, see „“:

Becario – Mirek Topolanek association for the development of education

The aim of the association is to encourage young people – students in technical fields selected universities – realized in the form of scholarships and social prospěchových. The Association also supports international work placements of university students. Additional information (not only) for the association Becario stipendijnímu program, visit the website „“: Http://­

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