The new premises at the University of Pardubice Added:31.12. 2008
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The new premises at the University of Pardubice

Faculty of Chemical Technology University Pardubice won after 55 years of advanced training center for its 1,800 students and for research activities in the area of ​​chemicals, chemical technology, biochemical and biotechnological fields.

The new premises of the Faculty of Chemical Technology has become a dominant part of the comprehensive campus in the town of Pardubice II – Polabinách. These include the current construction of the largest universities in the sector in the Czech Republic.

The whole area is built 168 laboratories with top technical and technological facilities, 24 classrooms, including computer and 4 large auditoriums, in addition to further extensive facilities for Dean, individual work, academic staff and students stay.

Teaching in the summer semester of the academic year 2008/2009, ie from the end of February 2009, will already be in the new premises of the faculty.

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