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Academic ceremonies Added:22.12. 2008
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Academic ceremonies

All university students in the study encounter with the rites and ceremonies which are centuries-old traditions, but often they occur around the confusion among students. If you also have problems distinguishing the Rector of the beadle, matriculation and graduation, or you do not see how the anthem was a student, you is determined by this article.

** We currently belong to these ceremoniálům **

  • Matriculation
  • Graduations – Bachelor, Master, Doctor, Engineer, etc.
  • Submission of decrees habilitated associate professors
  • Award of an honorary doctorate (Doctor honoris causa)
  • Inauguration of the university rector and the deans of faculties

** ** Matriculation

  • Formal adoption of the new students first years in academia
  • Dean is present, the vice-deans gowns
  • Students take the matriculation oath
  • Part of the ceremony is a ceremony indices
  • Clothing – Men should have a complete business suit for women and is suitable for skirt or trouser suit or a "small black
  • Public access to the matriculation is sometimes limited

** Graduation **

  • Graduation final year students of Bachelor's or Master's degree
  • An event celebrating the academic community together with students' families, friends and acquaintances
  • A unique atmosphere is enhanced festive decoration of the rooms, the university representatives in university gowns and official insignia of the (chain and mace) and festive music
  • Part of the ceremony is a solemn presentation of diplomas to graduates
  • Appropriate clothing: men back in full business suit (including a black lace high boots and dark socks), women choose to wear open – you can dress, small black and long evening dresses
  • After graduation, alumni receive from their families and friends of floral gifts and often continue a family celebration at a restaurant or at home parties
  • Graduates should not forget to thank my parents and other relatives for their support of universal

** Who is the beadle? **

  • Office of the beadle comes from around 1245 from the University of Paris
  • Is wearing the gown, bears the insignia of the university or faculty – a scepter and put on stage deans and other academic officers during the academic ceremony
  • Also gives guidance as to the people in the audience during the ceremony to do

** Student anthem Gaudeamus Igitur **

  • Comes about from the second half of the 18th century
  • Procession of teachers and the Rector (Dean) seems to imitate the royal procession and expressed that the university is an autonomous world for itself with its own sovereign government of protecting academic freedom
  • Academic ceremonies have their own protocol, Gaudeamus Igitur song when they sing (sounds just music)

** Title academic officers during ceremonies **

  • The ceremonies used Latin addressing academic officers
  • Rector – Magnificence
  • Dean – Spectabilis
  • Vice – Spectabilis
  • Dean – Honorabilis
  • Promoter – Honorabilis

Sources Utilized: Mesko, D. – Kazuščák, D. – Findra J. Academic Handbook. Martin, 2006.

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