Pan-European environmental competition for students Added:22.12. 2008
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Pan-European environmental competition for students

GE Energy, one of the world's largest suppliers of technology for the production and distribution of electricity, announces a competition title otazníkovým ** „How can you contribute to your university campus was still greener?“ ** The competition is open to all students, master's or postgraduate cycle all European universities. Applications must be sent no later than 1st ** February 2009 **, very competitive proposals in the first ** May 2009 **.

The whole project is designed to promote students' imagination and allow them to make their proposals could affect the environment in which they study. Can join both individuals and entire teams (but no more than five members). Will welcome any additional materials, illustrating the proposal with the video, photos, visualizations, games, etc.

"This educational project, which comes GE Energy, seeks to involve students in the fight for the planet. We are very pleased that we can share with students about our intentions and that we can make contact with talented future engineers and inventors, "says CEO of GE Energy for Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and CIS Rod Christie.

For the competitive projects will be evaluated primarily the following criteria:

  1. Ecology – ie what the project can serve the environment, eventually. may influence how global warming, save energy, etc.
  2. The imagination – that is, how much the project is original, funny or otherwise interesting and what characterizes our planet
  3. The economy – what is the estimated budget and project schedule, if necessary. far outweigh the benefits of the project the necessary investments

The three best teams that get to the finals, will be invited to the ceremony to be held in August 2009 in Budapest. Absolute winners will receive a gold medal and up to 25 000 euros per project.

More information is available on the website and

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