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Soc: best opportunity to show what you can Added:25.12. 2008
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Soc: best opportunity to show what you can

It tells you something SOČ acronym? If not, do not despair – everything that you so-called Secondary professional activities could (or should) interest, I will tell you the following article.

SOČ is a nationwide project which gives a handy all secondary school pupils to show how far reaching their „scientific self.“ It organizes the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MoEYS) and its sponsor is the National Institute of Children and Youth. The main objective of the competition is to motivate talented students „for independent and creative approach to solving technical problems“, in any of the 18 declared „disciplines“: This year the project celebrated its thirtieth anniversary SOČ.

** ** What it takes Participate in the competition is open to all, who is a student of full-time average (exceptionally basic) school meets predetermined conditions and submit to the jury their scientific or professional work on the chosen theme (this was on the sidelines of the competition familiarly called „sock“). His research project can apply as individuals and entire teams. The paper should be between 20 and 30 pages of text maximum, however, should be 50 pages and 40 pages of appendices. Must contain all the essential parts of what are normal in any other professional work, namely the introduction, theoretical part, methodology, results, conclusion and discussion. For more information about how the right should „sock“ look see „here“:…utezni-praci.

** What topic should I choose? ** Given that the competition can be reported in 18 disciplines, the field of your creative scope very wide. The choice, however, are the three basic thematic framework, namely:

  • Theoretical solution to the problem or task
  • A technical device, respectively. the functional model or device that is processed along with the written part of the work
  • Teaching aid with the use of didactic

Topic you can choose either yourself, or you can inspire offering placed on the „website SOČ“: If you still are not sure how the whole job should look like, you can be inspired by the „Archive of the winning SOČ“:, featuring the works of your successful predecessors.

** I'll work. And what next? ** Each competition normally be three to four rounds from the school across the district and regional round up the top national show. The authors of the best designs can then present their work to similar „competitions abroad“:…soutezim-soc.

Anyone who wants to move on to the shortlist, they must defend their work before a jury. Defense itself is divided into two parts. In the first author (or team representative) briefly introduces the content, purpose, procedure and results of their work. Foreword should take 5 to 10 minutes total defense about 20 minutes. This is followed by discussion, during which the author, copyright or other members of the team, answering questions of the jury, or other competitors and guests.

** ** How to apply All necessary information on how to join the competition, including registration, see „here“:…-prihlasit-0.

What can I say in conclusion? Perhaps only that all participants must be at once the next year and good luck!

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Author: Černá, Lucie

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