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Until we try, I can not know whether I can handle it or not! Added:28.12. 2008
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Until we try, I can not know whether I can handle it or not!

It is said that the study can be at any age. It is certainly true, but few realize it, that is so needed a strong will – especially if you are returning to school after several years – and to some extent, the need to sacrifice their leisure and working time and paid his studio. Businessman Emil Blaha (44), but it proves that it is.

Fortunately it is not alone. Great support is in its partner and their four children, the oldest of which is already working, but also studies on the job, the other two are in their first year in college and the youngest is studying third year of high school. But not to fight, despite the great support to Emily his school work – currently a double – just to fulfill his own … And how did it handle?

** In your life you've just graduated or are studying several schools. What are these? ** After elementary school I learned at the District Teplice Somet mechanic, then I studied remote SPS in Teplice. After graduation, just before the Velvet Revolution, I began to study Textile Faculty, Technical University of Liberec. Then I could not finish due to family reasons. I regretted it, but after a couple of years I managed to pass the first entrance and state exams later undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Physical Culture, Palacky University in Olomouc. I am currently a student of 5th edition of Business and Economics Faculty of the Czech Agricultural University in Prague and 4 at Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University, ibid.

** How can the schools help in your working life? Did you ever in one of their job? ** Of course I have some articles said, „I will not need in life.“ The opposite was true! And I must say that increasingly confirms the adage „you never know when you need it.“ Indeed, in each school, I used a lot of knowledge in work and personal life.

** It's hard for you to work and study while at the same time? ** Who says it's difficult not about telling the truth. It is of course possible, that is brilliant, but usually not many such individuals. I got lucky that I have a great partner and children. Without their support and tolerance for me it was even harder.

** What do you study or whether it seemed most? ** It is difficult, every part of my studies was different and I dare say that even comparable. Currently, most probably to make a reasonable timetable, and then followed him also. Can you provide that I will devote some school duties and enter into it any work or family schedule and the need to take as their own.

** What the study of his life remember prefer and why? ** I remember studying in Manchester. There was a good group of classmates and the teacher will not forget. It was unbelievable how quickly they remembered us and were able to balance the access of teachers and advisers, and in some cases, I dare say to a friend. Unforgettable were Phdr sociology lectures. Čihovského.

** Combined study usually consists of only a few blocks of teaching during the semester. You are helping each other with their classmates, or any study more or less „isolated“? ** It's hard to help when we have each other over the country. Fortunately, in today's age of electronic communication have enough helpers, and so the distance can be deleted. We help you mainly for providing information. Learn to each substance alone. He is just a test every man for himself and co-operation is usually permitted.

** What do you see the main difference between full-time and combined study? What suits you more? ** If I recall, my last day study ended in 1983. That I was eighteen and I definitely did not think the benefits of daily study. But seriously. Day students have the advantage of a greater number of hours taught. They have more contact with teachers and peers. Combination studies with the advantage to apply knowledge in practice. This advantage, however, depends on the degree of appetite teacher to join an open dialogue, and whether he himself has practical experience outside the school.

** Would you recommend due to their higher education experience for people who already left the schoolroom, but they are afraid that any school in the form of tests and seminar papers already can not handle? ** Of course it does. Especially those who have the ability to apply higher education in their profession. Regarding the second part of the question, can say one thing: until we try, I can not know whether I can handle it or not! Maybe I could paraphrase one of my former colleague and friend. He said "either the soil or the instinct of self.

** Are you planning in the future to study a school? ** It is really premature. Now I must concentrate on the present study and believe in the good end. On the other hand, if a field interested me, who knows?

Author: Černá, Lucie

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