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ERASMUS IN GREECE: I had become phlegmatic Added:31.12. 2008
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ERASMUS IN GREECE: I had become phlegmatic

It would seem that the study stays abroad are just a treasure trove of wonderful adventures, great new friends, travel, parties and endless entertainment. That's not always so easy, and what obstacles can meet Erasmus student, you can read in the paper.

** Why Greece? ** After high school I wanted to travel before you begin university study. The tests I did and tried to take me, so I started working with a personal resolution to that try to go abroad to study. About this option I've heard enough from friends, but also „first hand“ from my older sister who studied in France, where he finished even after school, find work and live there for good.

I just wanted to go in the second year, when it's in my best, because everything you catch in the third year, and is therefore not necessary to extend the study. Before I was not at school eyes adjusted, it was too late. Next year, however, I reacted in time. Originally I wanted to go to Spain because I was there for a couple of months lived. But I finally identified primarily in Greece ** University **. I realized that on this earth that do not know much. I had a crazy idea in mind of the advanced and progressive country full of art, philosophy and sun. Zasnila I have the possibility to go on weekends to the sea, to learn an exotic language, improve their English and see how it goes in that country. Last but not least, I wanted to collect material for his bachelor thesis.

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** ** Arrival in Greece Although I have sent all the necessary documents on time (sometimes at the end of May), even in September, I did not know whether the university provides me, that got me sent information when beginning their winter semester, if I get accommodation in halls of residence. Just nothing .** ** All August and early September, I tried to call the university, I wrote e-mails, but all with no response. Today we know that this is normal in Greece, but I was very frightened.

In Greece I decided to leave now for two semesters, and I also spread the study of third grade for two years. In my studies department is constantly waiting, if we can sign a learning agreement, or because they received no response. In mid-September in Greece, I finally someone answered the phone and really wondered why it should not count on me, if not send documents. And so I officially bought the ticket and quickly headed towards new experiences.

Already the way from Athens to the peninsula, which lies to the University of Patra, I understand that English is ** surprisingly much nedomluvím **. His hands and feet of some vocabulary quickly purchased a conversation that was Greek. Despite all the turmoil in the local traffic, I got to campus and stayed in the worst-looking room in my life. But I must admit that not only college but also the campus, which I felt the first few days as the biggest „hole“ in the world, I really took to quickly.

** As it goes to my university Greek ** The first month in Greece, I almost lost her nerve. Finally, I had become somewhat phlegmatic, to psychologically cope with the handling of the Greek style, rather nevyřizování. I constantly looked for someone. Just about anything you need to bring proceedings, the execution takes weeks. Everywhere you go on several times. Always promise you something, but you can see that nobody here ** ** diary, no one does not write anything anywhere. And now just smile and say „siga siga“, which is a variation of the famous Greek Spanish „tomorrow“. Maybe that's why so many studies that Spaniards and Italians …

Unfortunately, there is no local university's com­puter system, such as Stag at my home university in Manchester. All are addressed individually. The University does have a website but it does not update too, and when they do so only in Greek. But students need to circumvent the Greek professors selected subjects to tell them when and where the subject will be. Those that do not themselves often even two weeks after the beginning of the semester do not know. School is starting up so after a month, then at the end of October. And before Christmas ends.

In Greece, do not expect hours of consultation with professors or with the possibility to communicate via email. You just keep going and their fortune, if a professor is just where it should be, and whether you have time. If you arrange a meeting is more than certain that the professor also lose an hour later, or not coming at all. Maybe then the Greek rule: ** „When you come late in a day or two, that's fine. If zpozdíš more apologies. “**

All current information and changes with the likes hang the door and bulletin boards. Attendance that almost no one not monitored, it is important to come to trial. Most find enough detail in advance what you have to learn it and where to find it. Most even get copied, even if it is to be hundreds of pages. I do not crashing the Greek education, but for example the Faculty of Education, I felt really weird, when students were taught for nearly a month to work with Power Point or a painting for hours, telling which colors are cold and warm.

Pretty it reflects the teaching of elementary and secondary schools, which I knew when I was there on the practice runs to get there piecemeal. For example, 12 students are flying do not know what it is abstract, almost unable to use scissors and never worked in the group. And it goes on the school campus where students always go to practice. In addition, pupils or students are almost all teaching is inactive, and even in language teaching. There is therefore no surprise that it would not pronounce a sentence in English, even when learning for many years.

The Greek universities are usually taught in 180 minute blocks. But after the deduction of a delay professor and pause for a cigarette for the hour and a half. And yet the teaching of professors like to leave things to study and copy. ** The teaching I receive a lot of spontaneous .** Many items I had to cancel after arrival, because the professors did not speak English or hold me and they agreed there were no objects at once, or to require knowledge of Greek. In addition, at least once a week ** ** 'strike, often throughout the week. One strike secretary, then the professors, but also a lot of students. Most young people have admired the communist regime and are quite active. Almost every department has its own board and regularly organize protests and hand out leaflets. Red hammer and sickle you meet everywhere.

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** Recreation ** For us I was accustomed to teaching is often from seven in the morning. And when I nevstávala to school and into work. When I went somewhere to have fun in the Czech Republic, at the latest two in the night I was at home. In Greece, I had a lot to change my rhythm of life and adapt it zdejšímu pace. Teaching that begins 10 or later, with that on the morning lessons come too late for both teachers and students. On the contrary, after four hours later the university is completely depopulated. All the long sleep, then they go to a lecture or to work, then sit in a cafe, a couple of hours to sit at lunch and dinner. So an hour after midnight in the city starts the first clubs to end the morning. Greeks often go straight from the party ** school ** and work. All this is constantly drawn in the proper amount of strong Greek coffee and incredible amount of cigarettes. By the way smoke is everywhere. Including the ferries, enclosed sports arenas, restaurants, pubs, even in the cafeteria or the hallways of the university. Smoking is normal here, and requests for típnutí cigarettes, because we needed the food matter, no one responding. Surprisingly, parents feel their children take to the taverns and pubs, and even at night.

Another popular activity is food. Everything really greasy insanely sweet. Greek pastry is really an experience. Otherwise she is essentially the meat and potatoes. No wonder the Greeks ** fattest nation in Europe **. In addition, all rides in the car and their very active sport says. Their sport is posedávání and talk. Although English does not know, but just always try to pull you from where you are and what you're doing, even if you only buy chewing gum.

It's one of the few countries in addition to summer courses Greek ** no real preparation activities for international students **. At the beginning of the year I got to guide the University in English, which was four years old, is absolutely obsolete. That was all. Nobody can explain anything, all you have to circulation, to find yourself. No concerts, dating parties, trips. Nothing. Moreover, the Greek coordinator was pregnant, so in the office almost showed up. When they do, mostly spent hours on the phone and then waiting for students announced that she is wrong and he may come later.

What you'll take from Greece surely, is their philosophy. Nestresovat to enjoy every moment, have the pleasure of meeting with people of good coffee, food, on who I am. When things do not process, never mind. ** I'll do it another time **. Art of life for themselves and not just work and weekends. Unnecessarily, it can not take much to themselves and to be able to spread the work. I do not know how to hold out in the Czech conditions, but also the year it is worth it!

Veronica Matoušová, Palacky University in the 2 year, majoring in special education and visual art

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