Imagine Cup 2009: Students changing world of technology disciplines Added:8.1. 2009
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Imagine Cup 2009: Students changing world of technology disciplines

For the seventh time the students can not only technological disciplines from around the world participate in the competition ** ** Imagine Cup, a goal that does nothing less than trying to contribute to solving the problems of the world's most up to date.

Individuals and teams can compete in the following disciplines: software design, embedded development, game development, robots and algorithms, IT solutions, MashUp, photographs and short films. The common theme is the search of inspiration for solving the world's problems. Even a small contribution can be of great importance. The challenge for this year is: „Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems that stand before us today.“

This year's winners will be announced during the gala finale ** in July 2009 in Cairo **. The organizer of the competition is Microsoft.

More information and registration: „Imagine Cup“:…/whatis.aspx

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