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Admissions, the decision on admission, enrollment Added:6.1. 2009
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Admissions, the decision on admission, enrollment

Admissions to the university begins upon receipt of application. What can be filled into it? Learn how to communicate through your university, whether you were or were not admitted to or being written and what documents you receive.

** Application and admission procedure **

The admission procedure begins upon receipt of an application to the study of high school. The application shall always indicate the candidate's name or names, surname, identity number, if assigned, and place of residence in the Czech Republic, or place of residence outside the Czech Republic. An alien shall also specify the date of birth, sex, place of residence in the Czech Republic and citizenship.

** Application for University **

The admission procedure begins upon receipt of written or electronic application form college or faculty, who conducted the study program. Scope of data contained in the application for the university or faculty.

Most colleges and faculties using the standard form "Application for admission to a university for the academic year … … / … … … … Bachelor's or Master's degree program, the publisher is SEVT.

The information brochures college or faculty will indicate whether the application is the standard form, and has its own application form and applicants must fill in boxes, and they demonstrate the Annex.

Some high schools offer and submit the application electronically. Instructions for completing electronic applications are placed on the websites of individual universities or faculties.

** ** The decision to adopt

About admission to study in a degree program, a faculty, the Dean of the Faculty. About admission to study in a degree program, a higher education institution, the Rector. At private universities decide on the admission authority designated by the internal regulations.

The decision must be made in writing within 30 days of verification of the conditions for admission must include the reasons and instructions on how to submit an application for review and must be delivered into their own hands. The applicant has the right to inspect all of their materials, which have a bearing on their admission to the study.

Applicants may request a reconsideration. The application shall be submitted to the body which issued the decision within 30 days of its receipt.

** Entry into the studio **

Applicants are accepted, the applicant becomes entitled to enroll in studies. Applicants must enroll by the deadline set by the university.

** Organization Studies **

The study is mainly divided into semesters, years or blocks. Each semester, year or block consists of the teaching and examination periods and vacations. The academic year is 12 calendar months and the beginning of the Rector.

** ** Evidence of study in a degree program and graduation from a degree program

  • Student ID,
  • The student record (recorded with individual courses and test results)
  • University degree
  • Proof of completed exams,
  • Proof of study
  • Supplement to the diploma.

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