The Special Branch: Media Studies Added:8.1. 2009
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The Special Branch: Media Studies

„The Medium is the Message, "The Medium Is The Mess Age "The Medium is the Massage, "The Medium Is The Mass Age,“ Herbert Marshall McLuhan.

To understand this quote and learn more about the media? Then for you to study media studies may be right. Whether this is true, we can help you identify in this article. Note: Article updated 5th 12th 2009 (-KAV-)

** ** The content of studies Media studies are currently one of the most popular fields of study within the humanities. But they are often confused with journalism or marketing, but from which differ primarily by stressing the study of media theory and methodology for the analysis of media. It is a highly interdisciplinary field that combines social, humanitarian and technical fields.

"Media Studies – mediologie try to reflect not only the development of media communication in terms of tertiary media (so-called mass media, which allow you to reach large groups of recipients from the center – print, radio, television), but the primary role of the media (natural language, nonverbal communication) , secondary (technical means to overcome the temporal and spatial barriers and thus facilitate interpersonal communication – telephone, telegraph), and kvartárních (so-called network or digital media, which combines the previous three types), "writes the field at the site of the Faculty of Social Studies Masaryk University.

** Items ** The aim of this study is to provide students with insight into the theory of social and media communication, media studies, issues, status and functioning of mass media in society, the links between the media and the interaction between media and political actors. Among the subjects covered: communication theory, theory of journalism, media history and cultural history, introduction to sociology, introduction to political science, introduction to semiotics, media research methodology, public opinion research, media law issues, national identity and media, etc.

** Graduates ** • In analytically oriented mass media, in publishing and advertising agencies • in the field of public relations departments in the press as spokespersons • as a media adviser in the political, governmental and manufacturing or commercial organizations • in institutions and research institutions dealing with mass media • Mass media – Media Management • departments of large media program (the analysis of audience behavior, dramaturgy) • media critique • Education (institutions involved in the development of media literacy) • State administration (communication and analytical departments)

** Where can I study Media Studies ** ** ** BRNO As the field of „Media Studies and Journalism“ at the Faculty of Social Studies at Masaryk University, while on the faculty after the first year students choose one of the following specializations: journalism, media studies, digital media. Studies are offered in the following forms:

  • Full two-subject bachelor's degree (in combination with other fields of FSS FF and SSpS)
  • Combined Bachelor Archeology (in combination with other disciplines FSS)
  • Full-time master's study, single-subject


PRAGUE ** ** As the field of „Media Studies“ at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

  • Bachelor degree course in a combined form of study
  • Master's degree course


** ** OLOMOUC As a Master's degree in Media Studies at Palacky University. „Http://www.web­­listika/zajem­ci_o_studium/me­dialni_studia­.asp“:…i_studia.asp

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