Campaign for disabled students Added:17.1. 2009
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Campaign for disabled students

Palacky University in Olomouc, organized a fundraising campaign to help their disabled students to encourage their full course.

The main impetus for the publication of a collection was to assist the handicapped student of biochemistry Jana sulfuric among excellent students.

"At a time when it should write a final dissertation, slipped on the mountains and the subsequent fall from height of 200 m resulted in a tough fight for survival, Jana won the indomitable will to live. Despite all the care of doctors but could not restore the mobility of the foot. John has a very strong will, strength and desire to live fully. currently subject of a thesis and preparing for the final state examination. We would like to Jane, and other students with disabilities in their difficult situation to help. Politely ask for financial support for purchase of special aids for the handicapped, such as electric wheelchairs, stair platforms to overcome, and other tools necessary for life would be beneficial. If necessary, funds were used to maintain classrooms and other school areas where students move like that, "said the text of the decree on the public collection.

The collection was launched on 1 December 2008 and runs until 30th ** September 2011 **.

And how can you help? By sending a financial contribution to the special account, account number: 43–2476230257/0100.

Certificate for holding this public collections can be found „here“:…e_sbirky.pdf.

Source: „“:…ejna-sbirka/.

Author: Černá, Lucie

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