DAF 9 to 2 annual art competition for students Added:20.1. 2009
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DAF 9 to 2 annual art competition for students

9th January started the online registration until 2 annual international competition called Design Against Fur ** ** (Design against fur – DAF). Its aim is to actively involve young people in issues dealing with the protection of animals. The competition is organized by axes Freedom of animals and is „intended primarily but not exclusively, for students of different artistic disciplines and artistic“ high schools and universities, as Lucy says Moravcova, contest coordinator DAF CR. „The only condition is that contestants must be over 16 years and must be enrolled in 2008/2009 to study the program.“

Will compete in two disciplines:

  • In designing posters
  • In creating flash animations

The basic task in both categories is a creative and compelling poster and / or Flash animation, „highlighting the fact that wearing fur is cruel and unnecessary.“

Registration for the competition will be open to the animation ** 1 ** April 2009, posters for up to 17th ** April 2009 **. The national competition is only the first stage of three, is the last opportunity to participate in the global wheel, whose winner receives 2 500 USD. In the second round (CR falls into the category of „Europe and International“) can win the 1 000. Granting, however, will also cost the People's Choice Award, for which the holder decides to public. This price is associated with an amount of 1 000 USD.

For more information about the competition visit „www.infurmati­on.com“: http://www.infurmation.com and Czech sites „dafcr.cz“: http://dafcr.cz/cz/index.php.

Source: „Press Release axes Freedom for Animals“: http://dafcr.cz/…ni_DAF09.pdf

Author: Černá, Lucie

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