New branch in Zlín: Taxes and Accounting Added:19.1. 2009
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New branch in Zlín: Taxes and Accounting

Are you attracted to study economics? It is for you to return a toy? Would you liked to do accounting? Then know that Tomas Bata opens new branch Taxes and accounting.

Faculty of Management and Economics of Tomas Bata University in Zlín offers for the next academic year, a new field of study: Accounting and Taxes. It is a bachelor, which is offered in full-time and combined form.

** The content of study and graduates ** A new study offers not only theoretical knowledge, but also characterized by placing demands on students in practical areas – must gain experience in the accounting and tax matters. Students will be in addition to general economic education (mediated in subjects such as economics, business administration, computer science and statistics) and knowledge of the Czech accounting, business and non-business organizations, international accounting with an emphasis on EU territory, taxation, financial analysis, planning, controlling, banking and legislation. These findings should be graduates in this field to provide good basis for obtaining a professional certificate or tax adviser exams.

[Http://www.vy­­tem/data/2774/utb-fakulta-managementu-a-ekonomiky-zlin-14143.jpg * *]

** Admission ** Admission will be by National comparative trials to be completed in the following terms: 7 2nd 2009, 7 3rd 2009, 4 4th 2009 and 1 5th 2009 for full-time study.

Admission tests for the combined form of study will take place 20th 5th 2009 and include a test in mathematics and a foreign language. Applications must be submitted by 28 2nd 2008th

** Open House ** If you are considering studying at the Faculty of Management and Economics TBU, you can see the spaces within the open day, which take place on 23 1st 2009th

** ** For more information on „“: or e-mail

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