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Step by step: Why go to an open day? Added:22.1. 2009
Updated:14.10. 2011
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Step by step: Why go to an open day?

Our server you lately with new supplies and new dates of open days. Almost every faculty at least one day in their rooms welcomes prospective students. Sometimes it pays to take advantage of such opportunities – if you want to know why?

** ** The first moments Before you head for college, check again on the internet or in print the correct date and time of the Open Door (DOD). Not a bad first go ** **, give yourself time to find and learn about the environment. If you have concerns should go to a strange city all alone, do not be afraid to ask friends or family members of the entourage. They may also notice things that you miss. Do not underestimate the longer route to the university itself. If you are in a foreign city, watch how long the journey takes place and which connections need to go. How far is the building from the station? What is the ** ** surroundings? It pays to know where the canteen, library, grocery stores, as well as cafes, parks or newsstands. Take the time you spend waiting on the start of the tour. ** You can try to establish contacts with other visitors **: they are just insecure and curious as you and are just happy that they can learn! In two of you are relaxed and adventurous. Plus, you can at the end of the day the person to take phone or email contact that will be useful later.

** Of course ** During the DOD will be able to get answers to many questions. First, with your own eyes see their potential future teachers and colleagues ** **. Definitely take advantage of opportunities to see the school facilities ** **, classrooms and facilities, laboratories, gymnasium, library, study and computer rooms. How do you feel in the building? Soak up the atmosphere of the school! What the DOD is primarily intended for? ** To ask questions! ** Save the Study Unit to work with your answering nosy questions, email or telephone, where the daily lot of breeds, and ask them at the source! The first country to come to certain questions regarding the study ** **: how to fill out an application, what is it must be accompanied by (some schools require a list of literature, not a letter of motivation, or language aptitude test and medical certificate), lists a preparatory school courses to přijímačkám what is the process of admission tests (whether they are oral, what issues may arise) as being written (or. whether it is accepted by the power of attorney), as is the study and test (if more tests or oral form, whether it be during the semester to hand in ongoing work, which is compulsory), there is an opportunity to establish a Bachelor's degree program, whether can transfer to another school (or from another school), or. What's graduates. Interested but can also leave the possibility of study abroad programs, the conditions of a grant, the level of foreign language or content items (not all access is equal, some courses focus directly on a specific area, they prefer to practice before theory, etc.) . But they feel free to ask questions that the study ** ** indirectly related, but are important to you. Maybe you did not find a computer lab or curious about its accessibility. It can be connected to the university network of its own laptop? How important is the study of their own Internet access (in some schools is to write test items, or register only „online“)? What are the possibilities of using the library? These directly to the school and some college canteen or near the cafeteria? It is also possible to write your articles from other disciplines or faculties? Try to be nice and polite, but do not be afraid to ask for anything that interests you: it certainly will appreciate the rest! If you have any questions yourself, listen to what they ask other visitors. Feel free to write notes, memory has its limits! If the university offers such a possibility, you can purchase additional materials or attend a lecture and to get a picture of Teaching ** **. See the bulletin board, feel free to refrain from school a little longer, draw new fliers to reach out and feel free to current students and schools, if you are interested in their evaluation of the field.

** Assistance in deciding ** Were you expecting that DOD will help you decide, but still hesitating? Nothing prevents you from visiting more schools and their impressions and information ** compare **. Ask your friends and classmates as they went to school (maybe you just cover the dates and you had to choose one of two) and how they were operating environment. Some people decide to help draw up the advantages and disadvantages of different options and decide on the priorities (for example, it is important to you when the family atmosphere of the school or the availability of your place of residence).

** Maturantek views this year: **

Renata V., gymnasium Vodnany: „The open day, I would like to know basic information about the school (students, faculty, something interesting, college …) in more detail then something about the field on which you are applying (explanation of subjects that are taught , just for testing, use after school …). The most I would not focus on details of the entrance exams (fees, registration, exams …). “

Judith K., gymnasium Vodnany: „Open days would certainly have to answer questions for all future students and particularly the lure of a possible study and familiarize themselves with the university environment. But I think that many faculties, unfortunately, that really takes it lightly and not sufficiently prepared. It's a shame and I think that many of us are very discouraging – how about the study will look when the teacher can not even prepare a presentation for your own department? “

** Remember: **

  • The „trip“ to the DOD is financially worth investing!
  • The website will not know that not all!
  • When přijímačkách'll know where to go!
  • Organize DOD and private high schools!

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