New barrier-MU Added:25.1. 2009
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New barrier-MU

At the entrance to the Masaryk University Rector's Office is newly built disabled access for wheelchair users, but also the elderly and mothers with prams. This will improve the availability of space the headquarters of the university.

„Access has already been secured to all newly constructed or newly renovated buildings, approaches remain problematic in some historic buildings that have not undergone complete restoration,“ said the director of the Center for Students with Special Needs MU Peter money.

The new entry form architecturally played Ing. Ivo Brandštetr arch. The project also built two rooms on the Wine track, side-entry barrier to the building of the Faculty of Law, access to the bottom of the canteen and posluchárnám this faculty. Tailored to the interiors of auditoriums of Economics and Administration, and upgraded or newly created barrier-free bathrooms in the buildings of Law, Faculty of Education and the Arts and the rectorate University. Costs amounted to 3 million.

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