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Archival, though it may at first glance may seem, in fact, is one of the most important disciplines that human society has developed. If he is not discovered a way to preserve, organize and reproduce our cultural heritage and official documents, we would probably live in a disoriented world … (Article was first updated 12th 2009)

The importance and significance of archival evidenced by the fact that it opens as a separate discipline, several of our universities. Look what.

UNIVERZTA * ** Charles **

** Faculty **

** Program: ** Historical Sciences ** Category: ** Archival and auxiliary historical sciences

** Type: ** three-year bachelor's degree, full-and part-time, single-subject (the possibility of studying master cycle)

** Characteristics of the study: ** Branch is focused primarily on professional work in Czech history. The basic profile subjects with which the student may encounter here include the addition of auxiliary historical sciences (diplomatics, chronology, palaeography), for example, the history of Czech lands management and archival theory and practice. Bachelor's degree graduates acquire basic technical and language requirements for working with archival material relating mainly to the modern era. Can then apply in various archives, focusing mainly on modern times, authorities and state administration institutions, museums and other cultural and historical institutions, media, tourism, the official spisovnách offices, etc.

** Admission test: ** Admission tests are only one round form and consist of a written test. In it, the applicant must demonstrate a general cultural and historical overview with regard to the Czech history (historical events, important personalities of history, culture and social and political life) and foreign language skills (understanding the meaning of the Latin phrase, a brief translation of text from English and German – basic knowledge of Latin terminology and basic knowledge of German are welcome). The last part of the test consists of an essay on the historical topic

** Web: ** „“:

  • ** University of South CZECH BUDEJOVICE **

** Faculty **

** Program: ** Historical Sciences ** Category: ** Archival

** Type: ** three-year bachelor's degree, and Archeology, single-subject (single-subject study to master the cycle)

** Characteristics of the study: ** The study focuses on both theoretical knowledge of history and archives, as well as mastery of practical skills. These graduates can apply in such positions where it is necessary to handle recording, processing and making available archival material and the overall organization archivist's work at all. The study focuses primarily on early modern materials, modern and contemporary.

** Admission test: ** The admission requirement for single-and dvouoborového bachelor's degree without entrance exams is to demonstrate the overall average for the first study to 3 year of high school (only report at the end of the year), while exceeding 1.50 and average mark on history in the 1st to 3 1.00 high school grade or location of the first to 2 place in the regional round SOČ in history. In the case of combinations dvouoborových bachelor's degree courses must be met admission without entrance test simultaneously for both disciplines. Applicants who do not meet the conditions for admission without entrance exams, will be selected based on the results of the National Comparative tests.

** Web: ** „“:…or_obory.pdf

  • ** Masaryk University in Brno **

** Faculty **

** Program: ** Historical Sciences ** Category: ** Archival, Auxiliary Historical Sciences

** Type: ** three-year bachelor's degree, full-time, single-subject (the possibility of studying master cycle)

** Characteristics of the study: ** Graduates of both these disciplines can be applied primarily in all types of church and state archives, and museums to historic sites, as well as in cultural facilities, spisovnách public institutions in industry-oriented institutions of state administration and local government in libraries with historical funds, archival and documentary departments of museums, galleries, monuments and centers of care, the scientific institutes of the Academy of Sciences, universities, etc.

** Admission test: ** Applicants are admitted based on test results of study assumptions.

** Web: ** „ / phil“:…rogrammes/12?…

  • ** Palacky University in Olomouc **

** Faculty **

** Category: ** Archival

** Type: ** three-year bachelor's degree, single-subject, full-time. Opportunity to study master cycle.

** Characteristics of the study: ** The study focuses on fields such as diplomacy, paleography, history of management or theoretical and practical archival science. Bachelor's degree graduates are capable of reliable and organized labor in the archives and spisovnách, both with older and with modern archival. May apply in all types of archives.

** Type: ** Applicants who meet the „required conditions“:…cni-studium/ # c12906, the study will be accepted without entrance examinations. In other cases, entrance exams consist, in the form of a written test, whose main part consists of questions to test knowledge of history.

** Web: ** „“:…dijni-obory/?… [showUid] = 514 & Chashi = 003870e890

  • ** ** University of Hradec Kralove

** Faculty **

** Program: ** Historical Sciences ** Category: ** Archival – History

** Type: ** three-year bachelor's degree, single-subject, time and combined

** Characteristics of the study: ** Archival Studies at the Philosophical UHK focuses on the historical discipline, or the branches of the auxiliary historical sciences. Successful graduates can apply in both public and private archives, museums in the area of ​​customs administration, protection of monuments etc..

** Admission test: ** Applicants for the study consist of only a written test, which examines in particular the knowledge of history. Are accepted without testing those students who submit proof of passing the test of general study skills in the National Comparative tests with the result of at least 50%.

** Web: ** " / ff ':

** Program: ** Technical support humanities ** Category: ** Computer Support in the archives

** Type: ** three-year bachelor's degree, single-subject, time and combined

** Characteristics of the study: ** This branch connects the history (including the auxiliary sciences of history) with information technology and familiarizes students with methods and possibilities of digitalisation of archives and knowledge that move on the border between archeology and information technologies. The main requirements for applicants for studies in this field include, among other things adequate ability to separate analysis of historical events, evaluation processes, understanding the context, the editorial skills and reasoning ability, but also interest in the field (which can be supported by the previous example, working with archives, museums, etc. .). During the study is also an emphasis on knowledge of foreign languages. The graduates of this field will then become very sought after experts on digitization of archival materials and cultural monuments, web presentation, desktop publishing and photographic and video production. Often applied also in the departments of technical support in various archives, museums, libraries and other institutions.

** Admission test: ** The entrance examination is written and consists of history and verification of logical thinking. This test can be replaced by passing a quiz General Study of the National Comparative tests with a minimum result of 50 percentile.

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  • ** University of West **

** Faculty of Arts **

** Program: ** Historical Sciences ** Category: ** Record and Archival Services

** Type: ** three-year bachelor's degree, single-subject, full

** Characteristics of the study: ** Students in this field will gain the basic knowledge necessary to implement records management in current office systems as well as knowledge about the archive service. Field among other places emphasis on linking the two systems to each other in practice immediately follow. Graduates are able to orient in modern systems spisových all directions, even registraturních systems historically incurred. Graduates can find jobs in the current records of government service, business and government and private sector, commercial spisovnách and various emerging and present only the intended private archives.

** Admission test: ** The entrance examination consists of tests of general assumptions to study and review of basic knowledge of historical events and their contexts. At the same time test examines the depth of field of interest.

** Web: ** " / ff ':…rogramy.html

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