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Step by step: How to choose a college? Added:31.1. 2009
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Step by step: How to choose a college?

Tension is growing. Choice that may seem almost fatal, is approaching. That you want to go to college, you already know. Which university but to subscribe, where to try their luck and by what criteria the selection actually decide?

** The basic and essential information ** First and foremost, you should definitely think about where ** is ** your chosen school. How far you have to commute? How often do you come here from the joints of your residence? You have a chance to gain college (except driving distance can decide about the frequency of connections on the route)? It pays you commute? Find out the approximate information on accommodation at the dormitory. You might be interested in the price per night, number of students in the room, internet connection, the tracks from the university, but also the quality of accommodation. Someone is attracted by the possibility of independence, while others prefer a more comfortable living at home. Monika, who was studying the third year of University, says: „What I have greatly underestimated when choosing the location. I was the third year in Prague, and it is for a girl from a small town in South Bohemia unpleasant change for which you get used to. “

The total consideration of your financial situation ** ** is really important. It would be a pity if you had to leave such an interesting private college just for the money. In addition to college and transport is necessary to count the cost of self catering, public transportation and incidental expenses (eg if you have the desire to go with classmates to celebrate the success of the test). At the beginning of the study is also to be expected with increased spending for various registration fees, textbooks and study materials. In this respect it pays to find out how the study at the university, and time-consuming if it is normal that students work with him or seek occasional brigade.

** Studies from A to Z ** What do you especially should not underestimate the available information about the study. Let's start from the very beginning: ** **. entrance exams What are the requirements of the different universities? Ongoing testing by written test, or is to be expected with an oral interview? It is required to read a list of literature, medical certificate or experience in the field? It is possible that some schools will waive the entrance examination because of good diameter, others by adding bonus points for a certificate from a foreign language or extracurricular activity (success at the Olympic Games and competitions, working in different organizations). If the University provides a model test, you can easily compare their performance among themselves and with their knowledge. If the school offers preparatory courses for entrance exams, it can also increase your chances of admission. Last but not least, I find out what percentage of applicants the school was eventually taken to the study. It does not mean that you should attempt to give a straight, but if the school receives very little of the total number of entries, take it as a signal to select more „backup“ option.

Elizabeth philosophical faculty of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, told us: "I chose Pilsen, where he worked absolutely hassle free communication, both electronic and personal. All information given to me in time, I did not wander anywhere and find everything I was nice and quite clearly explained, the results appeared on that date at that point simply is no chaos. "A strong factor in the final choice should be the total * * organization and functioning of the school **. Check them can already at the bottom of the open door reveals a lot of communication with future teachers. You can also inform the example. on research and publication activities. Try to compare the most general factors and to ourselves to sort out which are important to you: He is more space in the study of practice or theory? What are the possibilities of language learning, what level is required? What kind of professors to teach school? How many students are in class? What is the content of the study, which items will be compulsory? As the school is equipped with facilities for students and what gives? It is at this university to participate in study abroad programs? How intense is the school of international cooperation? What actions the school organized? And what is the atmosphere at the school, how do we feel? Your future studies try to imagine the smallest detail and focus on what you would be decisive.

While your head now full admission, but the prospect is good to focus in the possibilities and conditions for graduation ** **. What is the mortality of students, so what eventually gets taken up for final exams? What is the complexity of tests and what degree you get? Certainly right now it's time to think also about your future application. „When I was deciding for the college, one of the main things for me was to use“ corresponds to Hank from Masaryk University in Brno, who has opted for Czech language and literature. To Michal from Technical University in Prague, again „was offered in addition to courses and student life and important prestige schools“. If the school shows these data, find out the success of graduates in finding employment, and interest in them on the market.

** Which sources are credible? ** All the time they are talking about information, will make your decision easier. Where, however, get it? On what sources you can rely on? First, it is you who chooses a future high school. Important are the right priorities and your personal impressions. How do you find the school works best on open days ** ** (DOD). Other reasons for them to go and review the terms DOD at various universities can be found on our server.

Another important source is nowadays certainly ** website ** and materials that the school itself provides. Can you navigate in them, you understand them and study the system will be for you as the Internet play an important role in the study? School presents a rather dynamic and modern, and traditional or conservative? And what you expect from it? The information provided should serve above all you prospective students.

A major source is, of course, ** ** References from students themselves, either former or current. It is, of course they can best be described as the study goes on what you need to give attention to a particular school, student life as it looks. They can give you important advice and tips and save you time and unnecessary worry. On the other hand, but this type of information should always be taken with caution. Many assessments may have a strong emotional background, the alleged severity of the teacher can also mean its quality, challenging tests mean greater personal responsibility of students, negative remarks about some teachers are again a very individual matter.

** What you should know ** If your decision is somewhat more general, you do not know the council has not even with the selection field, feel free to contact the school counselors or psychologists. The similar problems are already focused and specialized agencies. About your unsuspected qualities and talents but you can also assure immediate surroundings. If you want to be cautious, and a college environment, you first try the „dry runs,“ solutions are zero ** years **.

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