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Step by step: How many entries you have, the more you are a student? Added:2.2. 2009
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Step by step: How many entries you have, the more you are a student?

Year after year colleges serve a wider range of differently styled fields. Vystresovanému graduates, this often chaotic and confusing clutter in the head to create an unpleasant mess. How to navigate and find the right one? How to increase the likelihood of admission? Let's see what you put in finding the right school care.

** An interesting study and a certain application? ** Early in the selection of the school is interested. There is no cost to study to which you have little relationship. It would be a useless suffering and quite possibly would a school nedostudovali. Therefore, I choose those subjects that you enjoy, or at least their relatives. Do not be discouraged talk that this is not for you and that you do not have a school. On the other hand – every good advice – think about the backdoor. If your dream is a branch of psychology, law or other highly popular field, wait at the entrance and the rush of high difficulty. There is really worth to listen to their parents and cantors and does not hesitate to apply to any alternative discipline. „Students in my suffers mainly the poor estimate of their abilities and knowledge – is rather overrated, do not see excess in some schools, looking for feasible ways,“ says educational consultant Jarmila Urbancová. Although some students do not like it hear, the role it should play and exercise. Hated phrase: „And what on earth are you gonna do?“ Has its foundation. Some fields are surely very interesting, but not so sure whether it is worth spending a half-life in the office or employment with a salary barely reaching an average. A little exaggerated, but it pays to take account of how the field with vystudovaným conducts labor market and whether it will work as interesting as the study itself.

** And what school? ** Select the field we should. Consider also that the faculty to school to study it. Find out about the school as much information from various sources. For basic orientation is sufficient website. You will find a brief description of individual fields and possible applications. Some schools publish a song subjects, which may serve for better orientation in the specialization. At each school or faculty can form different study the same field – somewhere emphasize practice elsewhere will overwhelm quantum theory. Have an open day. Although they have the information they get here, mostly promotional in nature, but often open days attended by current students, from which you can get realistic insights into the overall atmosphere of the school, teachers access and the type and complexity of teaching and testing. Ask also your friends, and friends. Although the information thus obtained will probably subjective, alerts you to possible negatives.

** According to what followed the fresh university graduates this year? ** "The school I chose, depending on how I wanted to focus on – the type of vocational school, according to the labor market and the short distance from the residence. I chose the faculty building and architecture because of their closeness to the construction industry. I am looking for information on the Internet and from former graduates. The important thing was that I liked at school, "says Vit Janicek, student of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering BUT.

"I had a clear focus, I wanted to study humanities, that something to do with psychology, law, pedagogy, or Czech. I got to the Philosophical Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno, Department of Social Pedagogy and advice – quite suits me. I used much like the European studies (EC) or psychology, but the EC is too much emphasis on English and psychology can not get, so I ended up like this, but I'm glad for it, because that one subject per semester psychology I do not just that I felt that I was all mental disorders, "explains Catherine Gregerová student.

And what can I say in conclusion? More applications may mean more students, but more likely to get for sure.

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