Masaryk University is celebrating 90 years since its founding Added:28.1. 2009
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Masaryk University is celebrating 90 years since its founding

Under the slogan „forever young lady“ held celebrations ** 90 years since the founding of Masaryk University in Brno **. Day celebration is 28 January, precisely because this day was the University founded in 1919.

From ten o'clock solemn academic ceremony was held. The celebration is also accompanied by opera The Cunning Little Vixen 19hod held by the Janáček Theatre. The premises of the theater is also possible to see the accompanying výystavu the founding of the university.

During the year, he still is planning an exhibition focusing on the history of universities (Stories from the History of MU, from 21 May at the Medical Faculty), university-wide meeting of all college graduates (30 May), a week dedicated to activities of foreign schools (5 to 9 October) and other events.

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