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Step by step: study of several schools at once Added:7.2. 2009
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Step by step: study of several schools at once

Few of the candidates to study at university to submit their applications for a single school or a single branch. But then the successful at passing the entrance exams occur dilemma: they will eventually choose?

Many students confidently extends the option to retain several studies. As a student of Renaissance life looks like and how to take risks?

** ** Winner Takes All

„When I got in Brno and the Faculty of Science Faculty of Social Studies, I could not choose,“ he says of his decision letter of acceptance Fronček Peter, a student of general mathematics, journalism and sociology. "I thought that after the first semester or at the latest after the first year I decide which one I like more, and then stay. But even after a year and a half I have not had the heart to let go of some of the schools to the water. "What is time-consuming concerns, do not complain. "It's not as tricky as it seems. When people enjoy school and do not mind that it must spend some days from eight in the morning and eight evening training must pay sometimes weekends, we can make it. "So no regrets about my decision. "For some the pub with friends is always the same time finds.

The lack of free time to complain or Pantůčková Sarka, who is studying even four courses at three schools. „My first semester was great, a million new people, they still only seznamuješ, you go to pubs and hang out with.“ Beginning in similar style to Sarka could afford it, because studying at home and worry about navigating in a strange city or commuting and raising accommodation did not have to deal with. „Moreover, I am not overly ambitious, so when I had three schools, I gave you all the little items that it could handle,“ he says. He admits, however, that although she enjoys school, not even one of the disciplines (psychology, international relations, journalism, and Portuguese) to actually pay one hundred percent commitment.

** … You just must occasionally pay extra **

If you study more schools, but some study time to cancel, you may find that you lose the right to an accommodation scholarship. The accumulation of studies have also lost a student eligible for free prolonged study of undergraduate study. Strictly speaking, going to school students only from the study of law can be extended by one year longer than the standard time (usually three years), without having to pay tuition. This possibility is ruled out by simultaneous schools – students must achieve the title of the standard time of the study.

** Where to ask? **

Many of those who, after graduating nekrotili their ambitions, then tend to slip over the payment of tuition fees unpleasantly surprised. „In high school, we emphasized the risks associated with the school after change, but the concurrence of the studies will never say anything,“ laments George Venclíček, law student. Neither of the above Peter No one of the possible risks of overlapping chilly warned: „The laws associated with the study of several schools where I was not interested. But when it came to actually paying, luckily my parents support. “

** Smart Solutions horákyně ** One of the ways to relieve the situation somewhat, yet not to give opportunity to study all dream school, to study any combination of them (more on the combined study ‚here‘:…em/index.php article = 2768 & id = 2552). On this type of study does not have students in most cases, student status, so it eliminates problems with fees.

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