Tomas Bata University wants to open new branches Added:6.2. 2009
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Tomas Bata University wants to open new branches

Tomas Bata University in Zlin seeks accreditation of several new branches.

** ** Faculty of Technology has applied for the accreditation of new bachelor and master's courses. "In terms of bachelor study branch Cosmetics and technology cosmetic and hygiene products in the program of Food Chemistry and Technology, as well as the field of risk control in the program and process engineering disciplines, and Sports Management Tourism Management degree programs in Economics and Management. In the same program we accredit and field logistics and management in a combined form, "said Chancellor TBU Ing. Andrea Kadlčíková.

** Faculty of Management and Economics ** seeking accreditation for the Bachelor degree in Accounting degree program in Economic Policy and Administration. In addition, management intends to accredit the faculty field production and quality control in the program of Systems Engineering.

At the Faculty of Multimedia Communications ** ** was given to the new accreditation program theory and practice of audiovisual works in the bachelor and master study.

** Faculty of Applied Science Accreditation Commission present ** Bachelor degree in Applied Science.

The Faculty of Humanities ** ** from the new academic year should start learning Chinese language Bachelor's degree for Business Administration study program in Philology.

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