The Special Branch: Chinese philology, sinology Added:27.2. 2009
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The Special Branch: Chinese philology, sinology

"You learn to be so that you remember, forget. If you teach because you understand zapamatuješ thought. "(Chinese proverb) Note: The article was updated on the 29th 11th 2009 (-pel-)

Sinology is the science dealing with the study of Chinese language. Apart from the language, however, does not omit his cradle, thus deals with the culture of China from local history to philosophy through poetry. The Chinese language is part of the Sino-Tibetan language family, which means that his study is not the slightest resemblance to the English or German lessons. „The Chinese language has demands on visual and auditory memory and on,“ explains the server čínské philology student Karel Sykora.

Where to study Chinese?

Study Chinese philology offers Palacky University in Olomouc, Department of Sinology Charles University in Prague. In Olomouc, the focus is more on the language itself, in Prague, focuses on the deeper insight into Chinese culture. Both single-subject department also offers a two-subject bachelor's degree. An additional field is often another language, philosophy or religionostika. Due to the rising economic power China is very promising combination of applied economic studies. Studying Chinese in other Asian language, however, not recommended for excessive demands.

Admission tests === === The přijímačkám to Olomouc is a need to prepare only textbook masters from the Czech Jiri Melichar and Vlastimil Styblíka by recommending sites Olomouc Department last year. From Olomouc Chinese philology students with no previous knowledge of the local language or culture does not require the admission test is only a test of czech. Applicants for the study of Sinology in Prague at admission sweat much more. Tests are two rounds and each round involves several assumptions – in the first round of candidates required in addition to social-horizons and demonstrate knowledge of the realia of the Far East, and professional text translation from foreign language into Czech. In the second round of oral interview comes to examine motivation for learning, knowledge, expertise and other world language. Of course there is attached read professional literature.

=== Study

During the study, young linguists meet as a seminar phonetics, lexicology and gramatologie Chinese as well as geographically, historically, literarily and culturally oriented subjects. Syllabi of courses from the Prague department are free to download, Olomouc Department provides for inspection of some abstract objects. Both departments are taught by experts in addition to Czech and native speakers.

=== Graduates

Official sources informed on a wide range of applications: in state institutions, media, commercial enterprises and cultural institutions as an expert adviser, interpreter, translator. Specific options also depends on the nature of the second discipline in dvouoborového case study.


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For more information === === „Interview with sudentkou field“:…0091026.html

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