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The view from the other side: What's it like to teach at the university? Added:13.2. 2009
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The view from the other side: What's it like to teach at the university?

The high school is likely to prepare and acquainted with its environment. Do you see how good the results often depend on teachers: Many people choose in their lectures, exams, or exchange them for seducing his failures. Us wondering how the whole „academic Carousel“ sees just one person with whom you can meet the matriculation and graduation. The interview provided us with MD. Mary Noskova, lecturer at the University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice.

** Mary, what exactly students are presenting? And what did you personally studied? ** Lecturing in the field of protection of public health at the Faculty of Health and Social Hygiene in the subjects of nutrition, hygiene of children and adolescents and nutritional counseling. The students also meet in practice in various departments at the county health offices. I studied public health at the Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague (today the 3rd Medical Faculty). Today, education in hygiene – public health – provided by the schools as the newly created bachelor's and master's degree.

** What about the lectures from your perspective? ** Lectures about half of the students involved, I see some students to the exam or the credit test. In my experience, students, if they promised to send materials to study, give lectures in other activities. Remark in this case says only a few enthusiasts. If the material has been processed and we do not send it to students, everyone turns in a very thoughtful student and write everything. The lectures start around eight o'clock in the morning, students have significant problems with punctuality.

** What are the requirements for the oral exam? ** In my opinion are not required to exaggerated claims, plus the students recited the topics completely. Students receive a list of test questions. For the test, the student draws two questions (a list of questions received prior period Examinations), in the case of non-compliance draws the final test question three. I think college students should be able to comment independently on the subject, give a comprehensive overview of the problem, then, of course, followed by targeted questions and frequently asked questions about the use in practice. The biggest problem is generally speaking abilities, some students would like to express a preference test and an encapsulated form of the test, the best check.

** Students are well prepared, or rather rely on luck? And how would you assess their demeanor, dress and overall exposure? ** As I mentioned, perhaps the biggest problem with the tests students' ability to express themselves and use of technical terms. Public Health Protection Branch requires logical thinking, the so-called health risk assessment to be used in practice when working with European legislation, but the students would in turn accommodate a decree to learn by heart, including numerical values. Sometimes it strikes me as the behavior of students at the exam, for example with the statement „from me today about the power does not come out“ like twenty years ago, the examiner at the UK seems very neoslnila. True, the dress code for the test, we paid much more attention.

** Do you think that a college education has undergone a change? How do you see today from the perspective of teachers? ** It is very difficult to compare studies at Charles University in Prague and our newly established branch. The big difference I see in our students' motivation to study, the overall approach.

** It also runs a student thesis. What are the most common flaws you encounter? ** A huge problem I see again in the manner of expression, often students can not work out to professional claims over grammatical errors.

** Is there anything else you readers – students recommended, for example with regard to future employment? ** I met with the fact that students often do not know what's hiding under the name of the field and in the study and practice are surprised by the scope of employment at health stations. I often hear the view that the field is not very interested and know what they want to do a study, but would like to have a Bachelor degree. With this approach I in the UK to study medicine really met.

** What is the heaviest teaching? ** It is the overall preparation of topics of lectures, I try to handle everything clearly and in detail, and theoretical issues connected with the practice. The preparation of certain topics to be studied all the available literature, it is necessary to constantly monitor the news in the industry, new textbooks are lacking.

** Thank you for your time! **

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