Opavská University opens new branch - Multimedia Technology Added:15.2. 2009
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Opavská University opens new branch - Multimedia Technology

Do you long for the field of technical and creative yet? To make your learning a bit about the art and also about physics? You do not want to give up culture or technology? Then you might be the solution for a newly opened branch at the Silesian University in Opava – Multimedia technology. Note: Article was updated on 21 11th 2009 (-goose-)

Organization Studies ===== =====

Multimedia technology has been opened under the Applied Physics. Taught in full form. The study is three years after its completion and get a bachelor's degree – Bachelor Branch is accredited to 7 October 2012. Expected adoption of thirty students.

===== Description of studies

Multimedia techniques aim to teach students to master the technical aspect of particular media products. Graduates of this field should be able to participate in the creation of films, multimedia presentations, educational programs should also be able to use computer technology for multimedia creation. During the study meets the different areas of the field of web sites through audio processing, digital photography, web applications, to directing and screenwriting.

===== Course Structure

The study is divided into three blocks of compulsory subjects and two additional blocks of optional subjects. Compulsory subjects constitute the basic course of physics, mathematics and basic course in computer technology and multimedia courses and block foreign language. The graduate student field during the first and second year. Furthermore, both student determined from blocks of compulsory elective courses of at least handle the volume of the curriculum. Structure of optional subjects, according to each individual student – selects a block of elective courses and physical block optional multimedia and social science subjects stratified among all three grades.

===== Graduates

Graduates find employment in the technical sections of television, print, photographic studios, companies focused on advertising and promotion or in the field of web design in public and private sectors. They also continue to study physics.

Important dates and facts

Entrance examinations will be held in June 2010 in the form of an oral examination aimed at the general scholastic aptitude and scientific disciplines (mathematics, physics). The application is filed electronically and classically to 26 February 2010.


„Http://studi­a.edumenu.cz/d-26464/multimedialni-techniky-bakalarske-studium-opava“: http://studia.edumenu.cz/…tudium-opava „Http://nora.fpf­.slu.cz/betaweb/“: http://nora.fpf.slu.cz/betaweb/ „Http://www.fpf­.slu.cz/“: http://www.fpf.slu.cz/

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