International Competition for all young people Added:10.2. 2009
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International Competition for all young people

The World Bank and its partners organized for all young people (students and nestudenty) Essay Competition on the theme of ** How you affect climate and how proposed solutions affect young people, climate change? **

The essay should be answered the following questions:

  • How climate change affects you, your country, city or local community? How do you think will affect you in the future? Consider also the consequences that could have on employment, health, safety and other areas of your life.
  • What can you, together with their peers to do it for you attention to the problem of climate change in your country, city or local community? Think especially about the role of initiatives led by young people in the so-called green policies.

Essay can be written in English, French or Spanish and should not have more than 4000 words (about 10 standard pages). In addition, should be supplemented by a summary of a maximum of 250 words.

In addition to essays can be the first time in the competition with a short video (maximum 2 minutes) or photographs (maximum size allowed is 2.5 MB, must be supplemented by commentary by a maximum of 150 words).

The competition can connect anyone who is more than 18 years and less than 25 (valid until 25 June 2009). The deadline is 22nd ** February 2009 **. Announcement of finalists will take place 30th April 2009, winners will be announced in June 2009 in Seoul, where he will hold a closing ceremony, in the conference ABCDE (Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics).

For details, refer to „this site“:


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