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Poll: How do students prepare for graduation? Added:21.2. 2009
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Poll: How do students prepare for graduation?

„Have you not coming,“ we hear daily from our teachers in connection with the GCSE? How are your competitors – this year's graduates – at the beginning of February? Prepare before? It told us in the next poll.

"Preparation for graduation to us from the beginning of the school year, teachers provide in the forms of tests, which means each week, leaving one question. In addition, try to use some of their free time and loss – I mean the train ride, free periods at school, waiting, and so on. The materials I have fortunately available from past years or, if necessary, I look for the familiar and friends. So what style of learning is concerned, I try to sort themselves into more or less get the whole question, over time it kept repeating and adding additional questions. Of course do not forget alternate items:) I better learn it in the evening than during the day. To better help me remember listening to soothing music in the background. " ** Jaroslav Hlavacek, Private Business Academy, Hradec Kralove **

"There is still no extra for a high school diploma do not prepare, I still think there is enough time. When I grabs the educational mood, so I open my old notebook and I start to read through it. I like to draw information from the website Wikipedia. Its disadvantage is just that, that once we meet her, usually stretches to three hours, is able to resist engaging links to other articles. Generally, I am learning so easy that I read and read and read and count that in my head that something remains, occasionally and write notes, but only brief points that made me think more about the substance, I have to dokreslím a small image that helps me to remember better. " ** John Vichorcová, Comenius Gymnasium, Uhersky Brod **

"In high school diploma to prepare repetition of questions and substantial things to pull out and write a small piece of paper, I put it on the busiest place my room, I had it all in – for example, the author works in the literature, a group of authors, foreign word … The language is constantly preparing for reading English and German texts and translating new words, translate the songs and the like, to expand vocabulary. It helps me to read more than you at home to say something under my nose and I can not forget the movies with subtitles. When I teach I have to have complete peace of mind, I say things out loud, always learning and twenty minutes, then pause, then again I continue. When it goes to the head, just with slashes, does it make sense to me. I will start to be half an hour again until a little rest. I learn better at night, morning for me it's inefficient, useless, and I'm able to fast start, I learned to be at five o'clock in the morning. Literature for learning I draw from workbooks and textbooks recommended by the school as Balajka, Odmaturuj of …, Cz in a nutshell, online dictionaries and mluvníky. " ** Adela Barošová, Gymnasium Frantisek Palacky, Valasske Mezirici **

"Yesterday I discovered with horror that they get to college, I have pokavad insanely high percentile of scií (at least 160 and more), so learning to graduation postponed for the period from May 2. In addition, I have svaťák least ten days, so I do not have nervous, that I missed something :-) The questions I have done in a notebook, or printed … I'm learning to keep repeating tests because of school and just nervuju of it, if I get into college. " ** MH student she did not want to give your full name and school **

"At the graduation course and prepare it the way that you laboriously We develop myself questions. I draw from workbooks materials from previous years, although sometimes it is not valid, because our subject matter in a few missing workbook. Curriculum to decompose, depending on how I feel, if I'm tired of school, so I'll leave it for another time. If we write quiz, so I look at it, let me wants to or not. A method? For me, the curriculum covers the most read in the evening, an hour before bed and then early in the morning to do it again … most of the curriculum around the remembers the sixth-seventh morning, which is quite soon, but when one goes to bed early, so it can handle. " ** Barbara Mikešová, School of Business Thomas Bata, Zlin **

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