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Journey to the media eyes Aneta Savarové Added:18.2. 2009
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Journey to the media eyes Aneta Savarové

Recently we have become accustomed to television CT 24 to see the moderators also one of the young Hungarian zprávařku Brod. Her name is Aneta Savarová comes from Hungary Brod and while still celebrating 23rd birthday, he has a lot of experience …

In addition to his work, which alone among his hobbies, even prosecutes study and pursue his hobbies. They start with sports cars, continue through piano, reading, or oriental music and Balkan cuisine does not end there … How it manages to be dealing with all the popularity and how it helped the current study in college? On this and many more, we also asked her do.

** Even if we counted all Czech TV that the U.S. currently broadcast, moderátorských positions in the news is not so much after all and it is about them a great fight. She brought you to the moderator chair very thorny path? **

I think that it was not a thorny path. On the contrary, I would say that I have to do with their previous professions somehow continually facing. Already in the 1st year at secondary school I was quite clear that I wanted to give journalism. I wanted to but before the university entrance examination to collect as much experience, so I replaced a number of media to a concrete expression to their interest area (first press, then radio and then television). In 16 years I started to contribute to our city Brodsky biweekly newsletter. A year later I started as a day girl in MF Dnes (Eastern Bohemia). In subsequent years I went to Radio Zlin, where I worked as zprávařka, and then I began contributing to newspapers in Zlin. When I got to the Charles University in Prague, I started as an online version of the elévka HN I even tried to moderate commercial radio station Fun One Station. For his first success I consider auditioning for the position zprávařky Czech Radio 4 – Radio Wave there working today. Meanwhile, I spun poll for Czech Radio 1 – Advice and joined the Czech television channel as crawlařka at CT24. After several months I learned that leadership is looking for moderators nightly news. So I said to try. The productions we shoot the pilot (moderation Mock news reports), news editor of Television liked it, and on this basis, then I got another job.

** He was always your dream to work in the media, or are you originally had other plans? **

When I was about 5 years, I've said often sat before the screen and played on a television announcer. Parents then recorded it on camera. I recently saw it and it was therefore experience! It is true that I was then quite intensively preparing for the career professional pianist. I was able to play 10 hours a day, and it eventually turned against me. Entrance exams to the conservatory I had successfully managed, but killing off my right hand so that I still tendonitis. I had no choice then anything else than go to school. Then I was quite taken aback. But as it turned out later: everything bad is good for something …

** Do you have what surprised you and what you were not ready when you began to moderate the news? **

I had the advantage that, thanks to radio, I had a problem with verbal expression. Rather, I struggled with the technology – maybe I could coordinate control of the reader.

** I assume that the job of moderator is not just a few minutes spent reading news on camera. What actually does a „normal“ working day? **

My working day depends on what shift I'm not. Generally it looks like this: the television come about one and a half hours before the first session. First I take the costume clothes to broadcast that we had already chosen our stylists. Then I go into the makeup room, where I spend approximately 30 to 45 minutes. Less than an hour then I have to prepare reports. As for the track session, decides broadcast editor. The texts that I read it in the studio, creating a news shift. Moderator is rather the last leg of the chain, which is probably the most visible, but the preceding elements are equally important. Can you comment on sort contributions, but his main task is the presentation of texts and their subsequent presentation. In case of doubt (perhaps with pronunciation), we have constantly available proofreader.

** How vyrovnáváš with popularity? **

Sometimes it's a little strange, watch some more than is healthy, and that was not very pleasant. Others come and ask if I'm really the presenter of the television. I do not feel like „celebrity“, so I was surprised when I recently got an invitation to the signing. People who came there were different ages (from teenagers to pensioners), but they were very nice.

** You studied journalism at the Faculty of Social Sciences. Do you think they somehow helped this school to your current profession? If so, how? **

Studying journalism and my horizons expanded contacts. Actually, thanks to one of my classmate, who has worked in CT, I got into television. But when I began to moderate, I was 21 years old, and I have not even had the title of Bachelor No one asked me for a college diploma. In this industry it's more about experience, talent, and sometimes even visually.

** Currently studying a remote master's degree in Media Studies, also at the Faculty of Social Sciences. It's all of them? **

Especially during the examination period is more difficult to combine two jobs and school, but fortunately I have managed. I'm sure it will be because I chose a combined field, so it's rather self-study.

** This field is generally more theoretical than journalism. Do you think it can be used in practical journalism? **

Honestly? I have had so far only one semester, so I can not evaluate much, but any new information and experience in the future will certainly come in handy somehow …

** What features would have you think someone who would like one to appear before a television camera and so often before millions of viewers? **

I'm not a textbook, because not one of exhibitionists and I'm not a typical extrovert. But I recognize that someone is heading to television, because I seen. For me, this profession is unique by combining two important aspects: current information and adrenaline. It often happens that even during the broadcast will be unexpected events and because we are able to continuously broadcast news čtyřiadvacítky immediately respond. I like „to be yet,“ first and have the opportunity to communicate to the viewer.

Author: Černá, Lucie

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