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Journey to the media through the eyes of John Osúcha Added:4.3. 2009
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Journey to the media through the eyes of John Osúcha

John Osúch is a very good example for those who still believe that the school, which will undergo, need not necessarily determine your future and occupation. Probably because even he knew, when he studied the technical college building in Melnik, one that will stand before the camera with a microphone and offer viewers information about current events.

But it happened and today we can see on screen as one of the „young faces“ among the editors of Czech Television. But as the following interview confirms, without some experience, study and strong will mainly be about to get this work …

** For some time the creation podílíš Television news, but I suppose it's not your first experience with the media. What all of you in terms of jobs passed before you get into television? **

The very first experience I gathered in Kutná Hora newspaper. At about month internship I first tried out as a journalist ever to communicate with people and authorities as appeals, requests for interviews. The Kutna Hora I – in 2004 when I began to study at FHS – he moved to Prague for the news server HN position on rookies, which is essentially psavec short messages, auxiliary power to editors. At once I was about 3 years, successively as editor of European news editor and then editor of domestic news. From there I popped in for news where I did the main editor.

[Http://www.vy­­tem/data/2812/Hon­za.jpg * *]

** You studied at the Faculty of Humanities at Charles University. I somehow helped the school in your professional direction? **

Yes. First, FHS is a real school autonomy. Art to choose from a large number of books the most needy, and those selected is important. Putting things into perspective. This man needs to think not only work the editor. The fact that I chose the path there studies on the border of sociology and political science – and also reports that more political things – is no longer just an accessory.

** Is there anything you would on the overall organization of study at FHS has changed, and vice versa, what would you have praised him? **

The FHS is hard to find the thread and then after a period of study follow. When you have it, you know what you are studying, and what you leave behind. But why should schools have the aura of „free“? Who would want such a school presentation? And what a humanities education is concerned, I have a few friends on the Humanities and Social Sciences at Masaryk University, and occasionally one of them says that it would not go to FHS, that there is more hard work for less „respected land.“ I do but I do not. The FHS bet. Interconnection fields, emphasis on language. I am convinced that the school will educate more and more professionals, who more and more, as well as their teachers, will go into the public consciousness. Gets credit, but if it already has.

** Humanities rich aura of high learning requirements for their students. Do you agree with this statement? Why? **

Perhaps it wanted to add in the first year as far as explaining how to study. That gap is still around, even if they associate professor Zdenek Pinc, brain and soul of the entire faculty, for it does best. But I think now is a freshman student handbook available, which it has carried out the study. So maybe it's better … But in any case: who finds a way to study, not for me to say it would be extremely difficult school.

** You should have some idea of ​​their future profession when you boarded at this school? Respectively, if it did not work out in the media, the school offered you an alternative in thinking about your future work direction? **

First of all I hope that the television for some time to endure. And if not by chance, perhaps you'd experience from FHS somehow used in a PR or advertising field.

** Do you think that to a person with certain preconditions, and act before the camera to create the best possible news, a school needs? Feel yourself personally that you would in something like „dovzdělal“? **

I think that everything can be learned and professional (in terms of practical, not academic), one becomes particularly by some stuff daily deals, moves in that environment. This is true in the media. But surely it is better if the school has some basis. When the events in the judiciary refers trained lawyer and economist on economic reports, etc.. I would like to finished master's degree. Definitely go the way of sociology or political science. I would need to understand more things that relate to democracy and things like „being a Czech“, „Europeanism“, etc.. It interests me today, for example in debates about the Lisbon Treaty.

** They are among your colleagues, especially those who have studied school if not the media, at least humanities? **

Guess that the editors at home (which is about twenty people), is seventy percent of Journalism and Media Studies. Two colleagues are lawyers, we have a police academy graduate. The FHS I was single, so I welcome any fellow!

** If you returned now a few years ago. Would your choice of schools the same? **

FHS recommend. It is not free, but it is not no hell, as they sometimes come down. I do not regret.

Author: Černá, Lucie

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