New courses at Masaryk University Added:15.2. 2009
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New courses at Masaryk University

The following academic year will be at the Masaryk University, richer now with several new fields. These usually resulted from collaboration between the faculties, which will provide the necessary link knowledge from different disciplines. Students will also be able themselves within their field of study to some extent influence the composition of the studied subjects.

One of them is the Bachelor degree „Informatics in Public Administration“:…aska/…; run = 297, run = 462; ukom = 3692 at the Faculty of Science (Program Applied Science), the „Law and Finance“:…aska/…; run = 297, run = 462; ukom = 3346 (only the combined studies) at the Law Faculty (program of Legal Specialization) or „administrative geology“:…aska/…; run = 297, run = 462; ukom = 3632 (full-and part-time study) at the Faculty Faculty of Science (Geology Program).

Applications to all programs, and disciplines ":…aska/… can be submitted electronically by midnight on the 28th ** February 2009 **. This year's innovations at Masaryk University is the ability to pay the entrance fee for an on-line by credit or credit cards. It is also possible to pay one payment more applications at once.

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Author: Černá, Lucie

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