COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Philology - Spanish Added:24.2. 2009
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„? Quieres hablar espaniol?“ English is now obvious minimum, knowledge of other languages ​​is becoming more desirable. Among the other languages ​​is gaining great popularity of Spanish. Thinking about the study in this field? Note: Article was updated on 21 11th 2009 (-goose-)

The popularity of this show a list of schools that offer Spanish Study – Charles University in Prague, University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice, Palacky University in Olomouc, Ostrava University and Masaryk University in Brno.


** Faculty: Arts ** ** Program: ** Philology ** Category: ** Hispanic Studies (full-time undergraduate and graduate studies – single-subject and Archeology) ** Characteristics of study and graduates: ** After graduation bachelor's degree graduates reach of Spanish knowledge at C1 and the other two languages ​​at the level of B1 and A2 according to the European Language Framework. During the study, students in addition to language courses will meet with literary subjects, and literary and historical culture. Hispanic also emphasizes the broader perspective in the humanities disciplines, so that graduates are able to understand the interdisciplinary context. Postgraduate study extends the knowledge of graduates, especially in the philosophy of Spanish culture and language, in language development, deals with the analysis of ancient texts, doctrine and style of the text, theoretical and practical lexicology. Teaching complement linguistic and literary seminars, courses focusing on Spanish varinatnost and general linguistics. Applying for graduation includes both the promoting and editorial functions, so the profession of language assistants in companies of various orientation in EU institutions or the European Parliament and the embassies. ** Entrance examinations for undergraduate studies: one round ** oral examination on practical knowledge of Spanish, Spanish and hispanoamerické literature in the context of cultural history and general knowledge of linguistics. During the test also provides a list of at least 10 or read works of Spanish literature and hispanoamerické review existing studies and training activities. ** Entrance exam for master's degree: ** one round of oral knowledge of Spanish Linguistics in the range of state tests and knowledge of undergraduate history of Spanish literature written within the scope of state bachelor examination. The speech will come to your motivation to study. During the test, also submitted a printout or at least a representative part of the thesis and list of readings at least 50 works of Hispanic literature and studied research papers on these literatures and the theory of the Spanish language. Applicants who are graduates of Bachelor's degree Hispanic Studies Faculty of Arts also submit a certificate of language proficiency level of C1 Common European Framework. ** Number of last accepted / enrolled in full-time undergraduate: 44/130 ** ** The minimum number of received the Bachelor's degree: 40 ** ** The minimum number accepted in the Master study: ** 18 ** Web: ** "romanistika.ff­ / sp ':"; ": http://www.ff . /

University of South CZECH BUDEJOVICE

** Faculty: Arts ** ** Program: ** Philology ** Category: ** Spanish Language and Literature (jedonoborové full and double-subject Bachelor) ** Characteristics of study and graduates: ** Students will learn the language at the level of C1. The study is focused on linguistic knowledge and cultural-historical knowledge. Students can choose courses from two directions – a literary, whose graduates will apply in newsrooms and organizations focused on intercultural cooperation and are sufficiently prepared for follow-up study of philology teaching and neučitelského direction, and legal, which is routed for immediate use in practice and in private enterprises also in EU institutions. ** Admission test: ** No entrance examinations are taking students to study average to 1.50 and the average marks of Spanish in high school to 1.50. Other school students selected on the basis of the National Comparative Test – OSP section and also requires knowledge of the Spanish language at least at level A2. ** Total number of applicants to the single-subject / dvouoborového Bachelor's degree: ** 10/10 ** Web: ** „“:, „Report on the admission process last year.“: Http:// education / prij_riz / prij_riz_zprava /

Palacky University in Olomouc

** Faculty: Arts ** ** Category: ** Spanish Philology (Bachelor's single-subject and full-time, full-time master's single-subject and Archeology) ** Characteristics of study and graduates: ** At all stages during the study offers a literary and linguistic knowledge can be supplemented with knowledge of their subjects from Arts departments and other faculties. It is also possible to take a semester to practice Spanish and Latin American partner universities. Graduates of bachelor degree studies reach the level of C1 in the knowledge of spoken and written language. Applies as editors, workers in libraries and publishing houses, or as delegates or guides in the tourism sector. Graduates of master's degrees downstream ends at the language level C2 and found employment, among other things in the service of foreign policy and diplomacy. After completion of relevant disciplines may also become teachers at secondary schools and universities. ** Admission test: ** A written test of the Spanish language organized in the National Comparative Test of Scio for undergraduate study, the follow-up studies are receiving applicants without entrance examinations if completed Bachelor degree in Spanish philology at the Philosophical Faculty UP, candidates from other universities are accepted based on oral (discussion of proposal for master's thesis and the jednoobor essays in Spanish on the literary-historical or linguistic topic for dvouobor). ** The number of applicants / received a Bachelor's single-subject study last year: ** 75/50 ** The number of applicants / accepted in the bachelor study Archeology in the last year: ** 95/38 ** The number of applicants / accepted in the single-subject follow-up study last year: ** 14 / 9 ** The number of applicants / accepted in the subsequent two-subject study last year: ** 19/13 ** Expected number of accepted single-subject for bachelor / Archeology / single-subject master / Archeology: ** 25/25/10/20 ** Web: ** „www.romanisti­“:… „ / faculty / ff“: http: / /

===== University of Ostrava

** Faculty: Arts ** ** Program: ** Philology ** Category: ** Spanish Language and Literature (BA full-time, full-time master and two-subject, single-subject study) ** Characteristics of study and graduates: ** Bachelor's degree studies guarantees knowledge of the language at the level of C1, also seeks to link theory with practical application of knowledge. Prepares students for work in administrative or organizational functions across different organizations and the possible further study. The master field study, students specialize in either professional or Spanish and translation to film and literature. After graduation they reach the level of language and C2 can find application in Spanish companies or companies with Spanish participation in government and EU institutions or in institutions cooperating with Spanish-speaking countries. ** Admission test: ** A written test of grammar and vocabulary and comprehension knowledge at the B1 level for undergraduate study (sample test „here“:…9/krs_bc.pdf; written exam to test knowledge of Spanish literature, linguistics and grammar at the C1 master studies (sample test „here“:…krs_nmgr.pdf. ** Web: ** „ / Kro“:

Masaryk University in Brno

** Faculty: Arts ** ** Program: ** Philology ** Category: ** Spanish Language and Literature (single-subject time and combined bachelor's, master's and single-subject double-subject full-time) ** Characteristics of study and graduates: ** The study puts emphasis on practical language skills in both written and in spoken form. The students in this field among the subjects also find an offshoot of Spanish – Catalan and other Romance language compulsory. In addition, gain insight on issues of social, cultural, historical and political, relating to Spain and other Spanish speaking countries. Graduates will be applied primarily as translators or writers. ** Admission test: ** Study Test + industry-test (test of grammar in the range of Spanish textbooks for self-learning) for the Bachelor, Master's follow-up program is open only in full form and admission test will be made. ** Number of last accepted / enrolled in full-time undergraduate: 54/195 ** ** Number of last accepted / enrolled in the Bachelor combined study: 42/116 ** ** Estimated number taken in this year of undergraduate full-time / blended learning: 70/25 ** ** Web: ** „www.phil.muni­.cz“:

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