COMPARISON OF COURSES: Theology Added:1.3. 2009
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The Czech Republic is fond of talking as „atheistic country“ in Europe. Religion in this country is declining, and said only that much, which is considered a classic – Catholic or. Evangelical Church. We will not dispute this assertion, we assume that the more our country will soon be a lack of priests and pastors, theologians, academics and experts, all of our old cultural traditions. Those interested in (only) spiritual science meets five faculties in the country. Note: Article was updated on 24 11th 2009th

Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Catholic Theology

** ** Course characteristics The undergraduate degree program is to study theology theological science, the study usually lasted four years and is only possible in combined (distance) form. In addition, candidates may choose to study Catholic theology, which is accredited as a Master's program lasts five years and is designed for full-time study.

** The requirements for admission test ** The application to the faculty, in addition to proof of payment must be accompanied by a brief biography, a list of literature I have read and moral integrity of the certificate (issued by a priest). Together with a graduation certificate from these documents are sufficient for admission to study theological doctrine. Entrance examinations for the field of Catholic theology is only a single round and consist of an oral interview, which aims to find the motivation to study, general knowledge and knowledge of literature read by a list submitted by the bidder.

The chances of adoption (for 2007/2008) to the Catholic Theological Faculty of Charles University: 64%

** More information ** „web of the faculty“:

Palacky University in Olomouc, St. Cyril and Methodius Faculty

** ** Course characteristics Cyril and Methodius Faculty provides undergraduate program of study in single-subject courses theological doctrine and theology and spirituality of consecrated life (course is designed for monks and nuns). Field of Theological Studies can be studied only in combination with selected philological and humanities faculty of Arts (eg, Musicology, History, Journalism, Applied Economic Studies of different languages ​​or philology). Establish can master the field of Catholic theology courses and doctoral studies biblical theology, systematic theology and Christian philosophy and practical philosophy.

** The requirements for entrance exams ** For theological disciplines is appropriate application form attached to the certificate of baptism and church administrator recommendations, it is necessary for the theology and spirituality of consecrated life. For two-field studies should be carried out on the entrance exam Cyril and Methodius Theological Faculty of Arts and UP. Admission test for Theological Studies is only through a written test of basic knowledge of theology (Scripture, the Catechism, Church History, liturgika). For the academic study of Theology is to be done in writing specialist and motivational problem. Applicants for theology and spirituality of consecrated life, waiting only an oral exam, which focuses on the knowledge of the various church documents and his own spiritual reading.

The chances of adoption (for 2007/2008) on the faculty of St. Cyril and Methodius UP: 59%)

** More information ** „web of the faculty“:

Charles University in Prague, Protestant Theological Faculty

** ** Course characteristics The bachelor's degree candidates may Theology at the Evangelical Theological Faculty in Prague to choose degree in Theology or Christian traditions, Protestant theology, or. this field study in combination with the philosophy, religious studies or specialization in education. After passing the bachelor examination can establish branches in both graduate study, it is also possible in the case of Protestant theology to enter straight into the five-year master's program. During my graduate studies, students can choose a specialization in addition Ekumenika or Christian humanitarian and pastoral work (diakonika).

** The requirements for entrance exams ** On-time degree in Protestant theology are candidates for the academic year 2010/2011 admitted without an entrance examination for two-field study is necessary to pass the entrance exam to the other elected branch. Entrance Examination for Study Theology Christian tradition, one round, both written and oral. In the written part of prospective students may expect a test of general knowledge test in the foreign language of your choice (EN, DE, FJ, may be waived by a certificate of completion of the state language examination or its equivalent) and a psychological test. The oral interview is focused on finding the prerequisites for the study (the statement of motivation for learning to accompany the application).

The chances of adoption (for 2007/2008) of the Evangelical Theological Faculty of Charles University: 58%

** More information ** „web of the faculty“:

University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice, Faculty of Theology

** ** Course characteristics Theology can be studied in the Czech Budejovice five masters in the field or three-year Bachelor's (Areas Religious Education, Religious and Pastoral Sciences assists) with two-field combination of philosophy, history or bohemica. It is possible to establish a graduate studies in theology and service Teacher religion and ethics and doctoral studies in Czech and German in the fields of systematic theology and theological anthropology and ethics.

** The requirements for admission test ** For the five-year master's degree in Theology must complete a qualification test and oral interview, a recommendation is appropriate ecclesiastical authority. For undergraduate courses of study and pastoral assistance to religion and morality must stand the test of the candidate and the psychological branch, successfully complete an oral interview and also have the recommendation of ecclesiastical authority. Studying theology presupposes Christian faith.

The chances of adoption (for 2007/2008) on the Theological Faculty of South Bohemia: 57%

** The opinion of graduates: ** "Studying TF I recommend only to those who are looking for the title, regardless of how much it will be able to find work. I do not, work outside the field and I am glad that at least so. The problem lies mainly in that field theologian, I studied and I most closely matching the TF is not resolved. The Church is not ready for pastoral assistants, it is actually the only function that can do with this education. Most of them are not money, is not ready to turn elsewhere for women in the pastoral office assistant. Some priests, especially the older ones in the country, even think that pastoral assistant is a kind of hint that they no longer enough for the job. Thus, as regards the recommendation of the faculty of study, I'm not too optimistic, but it's substance is very interesting and there are now more practical fields such as teacher leisure, social assistant, etc., where the application can probably get much better than the pure theologian ., Milada M.

** More information ** „web of the faculty“:

Charles University in Prague, Hussite Theological Faculty

** ** Course characteristics Theology is at the Hussite Theological Faculty-time study is possible, and bachelor programs in Hussite theology, Orthodox Old Catholic theology and theology. Hussite theology can be studied remotely (combined). All courses can establish master studies. The two-field combination in the case, candidates may choose Hussite theology, philosophy, or Jewish religions, the Orthodox theology, philosophy or religious studies then. In collaboration with other faculties is to choose a combination of Hussite Theology – German Language Education (in collaboration with the Faculty of Education, organized by the admissions of Theology Faculty), Orthodox theology – Eastern Orthodox theology and study – South East studies (with the Faculty of Arts, which organized the reception management).

** Requirements for admissions ** HTF required to attach to the application a brief CV to focus on motivation for learning. The admission procedure consists of a written (knowledge test) and oral (interview). In the test, candidates can expect a historical and religious issues, or. verification of the general outlook. The interview is focused on finding the motivation to study in the field. For the study of Hussite Theology – German Language Education is still needed to pass a test in the German language.

The chances of adoption (for 2007/2008) to the Hussite Theological Faculty of Charles University: 91%

** More information ** „web of the faculty“:

** Sources of information about the chances of adoption: ** „Tutor“:…skoly-seznam

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