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How your peers are preparing for entrance exams? Added:7.3. 2009
Updated:14.10. 2011
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How your peers are preparing for entrance exams?

Entrance exams are approaching and it's time to think carefully about how you prepare them. How to go your colleagues we asked in the next poll.

** How do you prepare for entrance exams to college? **

** Lucie ** 18 years, student of the School of Ceramic and glass Carlsbad, waiting for her graduation this year, her dream school is University of Technology, namely the Faculty of Fine Arts, majoring in painting.

„Already during his studies at secondary school we were involved in several SCIO tests, where we could verify the knowledge of Czech language, mathematics and general knowledge. Because I adhere to the artistically oriented high school, not just preparing for admission, but I also do audition and the resulting interview, where I have to present a portfolio or samples of their work and present professional skills. At art school in the first place talent, general knowledge is up to second place, I realize that the competition is huge. Now I focus primarily on brzskou aptitude test and the creation of works that I have to prove. If talentovkama pass, it will be three-quarters of success. “

** John ** 28 years old, graduated from the Business Academy in Pilsen, he graduated in 2001 and now works as a clerk.

„I want to apply to the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen Faculty of Philosophy particular field Humanistika. Because I have employed my interest in the combined form of study. Since my graduation eight years have passed, I would like to start preparing for entrance exams as soon as possible. As I discovered, entrance exams are done through a test that includes questions of history, philosophy, and general cultural survey of the Czech language. To study, I bought two booklets to prepare for entrance exams at the Faculty of Arts and manual type Czech language in a nutshell. Also considering that I sign the test sample test, which offers faculty, and held a few weeks before the admission process. “

** Peter ** 18 years, High School student in Sokolov, also will graduate this school year and wants to apply to the Charles University, Medical Faculty in Pilsen and the West Bohemian University, Faculty of Education, Department of Natural Sciences (Chemistry – Biology) .

„I would love to get at the Medical Faculty in Pilsen, if it did not work out as I chose to substitute teaching at the Faculty of the University of West Bohemia, Department of Chemistry and Biology teacher. At both schools the necessary knowledge of my favorite subjects of chemistry and biology. With this option, you count from the first year of high school, so I opted for the optional subjects according to their interest. I was waiting to prepare for graduation and the continuous and learning for entrance exams. “

** Catherine ** 18 years, High School Student Francis Křižík Pilsen, waiting for her graduation this year, wants to apply to the Veterinary University in Brno.

„To prepare for entrance exams at the University of Veterinary Brno, I bought a booklet of tests for admissions to universities in chemistry and biology. I learn continuously and veterinary care is my dream school, so I hope I can handle it. “

** Edit ** 19 years, studying Commercial Academy in Pilsen, in June it awaits graduation, will make application to the University of West Bohemia, Faculty of Economics

„I'm studying Business Academy and I would like to continue in the same field and in college, yet also want to stay at home in Pilsen, and I will give an application to the Economics faculty at UWB. Entrance exams to make mathematics and foreign language. I chose English and then I'm not afraid, but the math is worse for me. I go to a preparatory course for entrance exams in mathematics and I try to handle material at home for school, after all gymnazisté have over those of professional school advantage. “

** Joseph ** 18 years, studying Secondary school transport in Pilsen, Western Bohemia submitted an application to the university, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

„I studied the technical field, because it is still enough graduates to apply in practice. I give form to the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering UWB, there do entrance exams, students are somehow score. “

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