A new study at the University of Palacky Added:19.2. 2009
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A new study at the University of Palacky

Applicants for study at university may apply for the newly accredited medical field ** Social work Education **, which is part of Specialization in Pedagogy. Field can be studied Bachelor's degree in full form even combined, and the Pedagogical Faculty of Palacky University.

Registration for this field can be made electronically ** the end of February 2009 **. Expected number of accepted students is 20 and 20 for combined full-time students. Will receive a test study assumptions.

More information about the field of „here for the full-time“: http://www.upol.cz/…dijni-obory/?… [showUid] = 618 & cHash = ba6e1960aa and „here for the combined studies.“: Http: / / www.upol.cz/…dijni-obory/?… [showUid] = 617 & cHash = 399be29c6c

Source: „Web Palacky University.“: Http://www.upol­.cz/zpravy/ak­tuality/zpravy/ruz­ne/nove-akreditovany-obor-na-pdf-up/

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