A new study at CTU Added:21.2. 2009
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A new study at CTU

Faculty of Architecture, Technical University in Prague opens new school year 2009/2010 to study Industrial Design ** ** Bachelor's in form. The study is incorporated into the design and after its completion graduates will receive BcA. (Bachelor of Arts) and will be organized in collaboration with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Transport.

Candidates may submit applications to the 31st ** ** March 2009, and a form electronically and classic. An electronic application can be inserted into the database to „www.prihlaska­.cvut.cz“: http://www.prihlaska.cvut.cz/ from 1 March 2009.

Admission will take place in two rounds from 27 April 2009. Expected 50 students admission.

Source of information and further details about the field: „www.fa.cvut.cz“: http://www.fa.cvut.cz/.

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