Architectural-design competition Added:23.2. 2009
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Architectural-design competition

Company VOKD Welded network and organized the first annual competition called ** Welded network architecture and applied design 2009 **. The competition is open to students of universities, colleges, as well as medium and art schools.

Students may enroll in one of three categories:

  • Welded mesh in the interior
  • Welded mesh exterior
  • Welded mesh objects and amenities.

In each category, one winner will be announced, which will be awarded a diploma and the amount of CZK 10 000. The main task of the contestants is to create an architectural design of new products, welded mesh used in new ways.

Applications can be submitted electronically and the work must be delivered to the address by organizing ** 30 března 2009–16 hours **. Contact details and further information can be found „here“:…n-soutez.php.

Source of information: „web Brno“:… <= 0 „Web site VOKD“: Design-soutez.php.

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