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Step by step: How to speak at graduation Added:9.3. 2009
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Step by step: How to speak at graduation

Maybe you've already started thinking about how to make the best impression of maturity. What to choose the type of clothing, how to consciously influence the jury body language and facial expressions, what tricks to use for a more satisfactory result … A few good tips to bring you and us.

** ** Clothes make the man It's ancient, true – and yet it so often forgotten. Ourselves, we should not be understood only as a coat hanger. Whether we like it or not, the way we dress says something about ourselves. And in such an important day in which graduation is no doubt, is definitely worth ** ** take care! Graduation as a major social event, requires an adequate choice of clothing. Men should preferably reach a dark suit with a shirt that does not just classic white, but may have a creamy, blue or red. Bow tie or tie is not required, but make sure the selection of shoes, „hiphoperské“ While shoes are really „in“ by the jury but I neoslníte. Similarly, the extravagant hairstyles or massive decorations you can forgive me for this day. Women have the choice of clothing a freer hand. They can choose the social trousers and elegant skirt, preferably not less than the knee. Black remains a versatile and well combined color suitable for her elegant blouse or T-shirts of all colors. Only the upper parts are not suitable items with too much cleavage or belly revealing. Ladies do not necessarily přicupitat in dance shoes, comfort is important, but not at the expense of convenience. The universal rule for dressing with no GCSE, standards are constantly shifting and released. High school diploma should be seen as a significant and ** ** special day, which requires special training, as well as her wardrobe is concerned. If you hesitate, bet more on sobriety. Dazzle would have on performance, not looks.

** The first impression matters ** Certainly you have heard about the so-called body language **. ** It is a non-verbal signs that a man often tells more than his looks or words. We do not know anything about it, but „mere“ gesture or position us to operate unconsciously. Let us try to at least a little more understanding of their movements. The Observer (the jury in your case) has been the way you come to class. A wide variety of mainstream note, we need to discuss. Try to keep an eye on but also straightened her back, letting them self-confidence and courage. If possible, try to nekřížit hands or feet, these gestures give the impression of defense or resistance. Playing with a talisman or a button while you may be reassuring, however, has (like hair or constantly modified stamping feet) unprofessional and your audience may even be nervous. When speaking, try to look at the jury's eyes, hypnotizing the floor will certainly reveal the correct answers. Perhaps more important than speeches to watch your body is able to control his facial expressions ** **. In any case, for example, do not underestimate the role of a smile. Note that this does not mean constant contemptuous sneer or meaningless giggles. Slight lifting of the corners of the mouth but will brighten your eyes and even mood – and your „audience“ will know that you agree with more easily than with the „little bundles of misery.“ Licking lips, eyes, twist, or of building a so-called eyes in the column is also not recommended. You want to act as the most calm and relaxed, not scared and desperate.

** Govern his tongue ** Already a great look, sitting confidently, smile – and it is time to present what you have for the last half of the self absorbed. But how? Q ** ** speech is the topic of many papers. In ancient Greece, even the art of speech mattered so much that he developed a special „science“ rhetoric, which belonged to the absolute foundation of education. Is sufficient for you, if you will learn a few simple rules. „** Please, slow, loud and clear **, it is a sentence that is among the first important phrases while in a foreign country. You might be surprised how much benefit you can bring. Try to ensure that you correctly pronounce (and not just in foreign language), confused by the name (I prefer to the more difficult times at home natrénujte) embarrass the wrong use of foreign words (most of them Czech equivalents – that is, period!) Or "swallowing "some important information. If you have a speech impediment, do not be shy, it's no handicap. Much more damage could wreak if you speak too softly and indistinctly. You can imagine how it would affect the jury. Adequate volume is the foundation of a good speech. Although you may try to say that in a given time as much as possible, make sure that your speed was ultimately counterproductive. It may happen that You spell everything in five minutes and another ten will be forced to "boil the water.“ The slower pace of play so for your own benefit and will facilitate the orientation of the students in your thought processes.

** A small tricks, great success ** In addition to the above advice You might as well throw a few tricks ** ** that make you hope for a higher power rating. One of them already know to eat alone: ​​to steer a speech on what you understand better. It is of course nonsense to try to move from mitochondria to the words listed, but most of the substance in a subject can be well connected. Perhaps the artistic direction it too much you know, replying to another, which can talk better. So why not introduce him to call, to mention some interesting facts to show the jury that you are able to think in context. Physical phenomena are also scattered values, but they can be put in context with others. And all you can best use this tactic in foreign languages: it is still you who chooses words and determine what will be discussed! So enjoy it, drop on thin ice, and maybe you start cooking more fun! The jury also always appreciated the initiative **. ** If applicable, you mention a book that you have read, or its movie adaptation, which you are interested. In a geographical interpretation of historiographical turn you mention thematically linked visit museums or monuments (just remember how many excursions you were!). It does of course start to tell funny stories from trips, but to prove that you are interested in the subject. Maybe the jury would like overlooks the minor flaws.

** Start with right now! ** It is obvious that on that day will no longer be distinguished by having the strength and spirits consciously control their every move. The focus will be something completely different. But because we have just explained the importance of good manners, you should still learn the basic skills ** **. Can we start now, in a relatively quiet period. Coaching the correct position and posture can be the ‚normal‘ testing at the table, you can try out facial expressions and its surroundings. Feel free to discuss various options of clothing with friends and family. It gives you around valuable feedback from their point of view difficult to properly odhadnete. Finally fit the old Chinese proverb that says: „Even at the beginning of the journey tisícimílové a single step.“ Slow acquisition of self-confidence and learning „grifo you can read just like those steps that will lead to a successful graduation. And one hundred times repeated the motto on the conclusion: "It's hard on the parade ground, easy on the battlefield“.

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