Which university is the "best"? Added:7.3. 2009
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Which university is the "best"?

The Charles University is worth studying medicine and law at Masaryk sociology, psychology or chemistry and computer science, economics at the University of Economics, engineering, BUT have the same quality and CTU, which also offers the best architecture. Such are the conclusions from the ranking of universities that publish economic newspaper.

Rankings, compiled as an aid in the last minute, which was to relieve students' decisions regarding the filing, however, caused considerable doubt. The first startling fact was that the same ranking fell last year for many different disciplines. It is possible that the quality of schools during the year so fundamentally changed?

The most common complaint was the use of unverifiable private data. This data supplied by schools and partner agency Moog. Some evaluation criteria were also modified, or completely abolished. Many faculty felt damaged, especially the Institute of Economic Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, which – although last year's winner – was due to failure to deliver data at all evaluated. „This year's ranking for economics was also a lesson for us,“ said Tomas Tomas Nemecek and promised everything to rectify next year.

Ranking universities is a topic that appears in the media every year. In addition to HN him in the past tried to handle all newspaper and Folk MF Dnes.

In the world ranking of Czech universities at most places the traditional University (201–302. Place).

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