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Interview: Method of travel of the largest opposition Added:15.3. 2009
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Interview: Method of travel of the largest opposition

The study is sometimes full of twists and turns, sometimes less and sometimes more čekaných. On the way to his master and successfully achieve the title we can collect a lot of experience. It is up to us later as leveraging. The use of knowledge emerged, changing the field as well as work in the studio, we talked with a Bachelor Pavla Slámová from Brno.

** Paul, you had a dream in high school and study? And as it turned out in reality? On how high did you get? ** At school, I gravitated mainly to biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics. I originally thought about medicine or physiotherapy. Finally, after a year I went to study English at University, Faculty of Sports Studies, Department of Regeneration and Nutrition in sport.

** What is it about this school and what you liked the other hand could not stand? ** Science was in its infancy and the field that year was the first year of running. We were the first students in this field. Despite all efforts, some errors come up when everything is running. Being a „guinea pig“ is a bit tough, I have not picked a new field. In addition, faculty housed at the start in different areas leased and operated at various venues, so we have a variety of subjects and sports for the day traveling around Glasgow. Teaching was a lot of stretching throughout the day. After nearly two years, gained its own space in the Faculty of Komarov and almost all teaching took place there. However, I enjoyed learning, as anyone who deals with his hobby. Teachers were helpful and tried a more personal approach. I am especially appreciative that the majority of the oral test. It might sound strange, but it prepares the students that they need somewhere to stand and speak publicly. To demonstrate and defend their knowledge. This test is not anonymous. I know I'm in the vast minority, but I advocate the oral tests, it gives you a lot.

** At this school, you did not stop, how long you're gone and you regret it at all? ** Unfortunately, despite all the promises and effort faculty did not receive (and even so far as I know) the accreditation of the Bachelor degree. Field then quit after three years Bachelor state exam.

** Do you think there that you took something that helps you today or what you in situations you encounter, use? ** The sport I learned many of the professional and private life. For some time I nurtured the sport, I worked as a coach and as a sports masseur. A private sports undoubtedly still draw on the knowledge gained in studies of sports medicine, nutrition, etc. Not only for myself, I deal only sport recreationally, but also for my friends that sometimes come to me "for advice.

** What happened then? Work or other studies? ** I have always enjoyed the sport and in the future is for me an integral part of life, but I knew that it probably will not want to and will not be able to feed more than the first active age or health problems. Even before the final exams at MU, I wondered whether to undertake the acquisition of practice or they go into another field of study. I still feel full of energy to study and I thought that maybe I can practice and build the studio. However, I probably could not imagine then what it is – five years of study. But to go straight into full-time job I also did not want to, I wanted to broaden the horizons of perhaps from a different field that I had other options than just a sport. So, finally won the study and I chose the method according crazy „journey greatest resistance.“

** How did you decide to select another school? ** I decided to study Information Management at the Technical University in Brno. After studying the sport, I wondered what I could from the prospective employer than other sport has to offer. I was computer illiterate, economic, education (except that grammar) intact. So I opted for a field that in these areas was because I believed it would make me in this field orientation. True, from sport to IT and management, a little unusual move, maybe. But it was a challenge, and they enticed me from time immemorial.

** When you compare it to both of their studies, what do you think it's better now? ** I do not know whether it is better, but it certainly gives me a wider range of options for future use. Field is on IT management, business economics, management and business management. The area of ​​sport and especially coaching and nutrition is a very specific field, a man who bit škatulkuje. On the other hand, it's not a matter of my heart, so it is sometimes difficult to study. Thinking so that if you study a particular field really enjoy, as it almost alone. At least I'm feeling at the Faculty of Sports Studies had.

** The study also working. Can you tell us a little closer to your work? How close is your field of study? ** Since the beginning of my studies, I worked on a slightly short time in an advertising agency. I now work in private companies dealing with air transport as Sales and Marketing Manager. Given the economics at the Technical University are oriented to the private sector, I must say that I draw from my study. In particular, from the aforementioned management, business economics, personnel management, but also need accounting. Undoubtedly, also from the IT industry. We are a relatively small company, where it is typical that some people hold more functions. Likewise, I also care IT company.

** Manage the work and the study is quite time consuming on the physical and mental strength. How do you cope? ** To myself sometimes also asking. It's challenging, it's true. But it is also relatively shock, others in the course of the semester, not during the exam period. Work study, respectively. Study to work together requires a lot of self-discipline and self-discipline. You know what you want and what you are willing to do and what to sacrifice. Undoubtedly, but it requires good planning, in particular leisure. The worst thing about this method is that time is running very fast. Before rozkoukáte, end semester exam is hectic, and suddenly half a year away. And next semester at the door …

** Do you have a plan for what you do, you shall be credited to the name „Mr. .“?** Honestly, I'll take two weeks vacation. Somehow I have in this area last year backlog. And I'll read a book there, not lecture. After you fulfill the objectives, which are still delaying indefinitely the time „when I finish this, so …“ More are confronted with computer graphics and I will try again to brush up their German. We are currently trying to maintain a good level of English and improve it, turn in Russian, which suited me at work. But I love languages ​​and I would like to expand their knowledge. And I'll spend more time with your dog, family and friends.

** Thank you for the interview .**

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