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European Youth Parliament as a springboard into real politics Added:11.3. 2009
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European Youth Parliament as a springboard into real politics

Have you ever thought that enter into politics? You have your opinion on important social issues and have no where to express it? Want to know how it goes in the European Parliament? So those of you just could certainly take the EPM project that helps young students gain more insight into political events and provide them with the necessary experience.

EPM, or ** the European Youth Parliament in the Republic ** is in fact one of the cells non-governmental international organizations ** ** European Youth Parliament (EYP). It was founded in 1987 in France, but five years ago moved its headquarters to Berlin, where the foundation operates under the Heinz-Schwarzkopf-Stiftung. All activities and projects EYP is sponsored and financially supported by the European Union and the European Parliament. Currently EYP brings together more than three dozen European countries, including those belonging to the EU.

** The space for expressing views ** „The mission of the European Youth Parliament is to hold meetings for high school students. On these young people have the opportunity to comment on the European and global problems and issues and propose an outline of their solution. But even if procedurally this meeting a true copy of the actual work of the European Parliament, EPM remains non-political organization and does not generate an active policy, "said chairman Luke Dolejší EPM, adding:“ long term cooperation with leading regional and politicians who regularly attended our meetings and debating the students. Many are pleasantly surprised by the views of our delegates and our actions will always take with them a real look at the young thing. Some outcomes of the meeting are presented even at the top realpolitik. For example, two years ago, Senator Mrs. Alen Gajduskova introduced in the Senate resolution on the reform of higher education created by students at our meeting. "To date, the EPM has 57 members. These are students who have attended an international meeting of EYP, and the teachers and people who are interested in the activities of the EPM. Once a year, known as EPM holds National Conference selection, which is compiled, the two-member delegation, which is then sent to the International Student EYP session. These delegations usually consists of students of secondary schools and universities.

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** Conditions for adoption ** The fundamental condition for which the selection of delegates emphasis is their language skills. Important role to play, of course, their communication skills, personality characteristics and range of knowledge on selected social issues. Similar conditions are in fact placed on „real“ politics.

** And going to meetings …** At international meetings, the delegates divided into twelve to patnáctičlenných Commission, each country they can be represented only once. "Each committee gets its theme and students are then requested to discuss this issue and develop an outline of the solution in the form of resolutions. All resolutions are then presented and discussed with other committees of the General Assembly. Finally, the vote on resolutions, "says Luke Dolejsi conduct of meetings. Received resolution is then forwarded to Brussels.

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** Not all work and no play ** International EYP sessions are held three times a year, each time in another country, and are the culmination of all the unwritten EYP activities. This usually lasts for ten days and their contents are almost identical to the real session of the European Parliament. In addition, all participants also prepared an accompanying program, which only completes the importance of integrating the entire project (eg called Eurovillage, where delegates from each country present typical dishes and drinks of their country, must also be Euroconcert, where musical talent show delegates what they do, and many others). Two of the three sessions are intended only delegations middle and high schools, one that takes place in summer, it is reserved for individuals who had participated in any international convention, but are wanting to continue to participate in the activities of the EYP.

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Participation in the meeting EYP thus appears to be not only very informative, as discussed policy issues and practical concerns, but finds there is room for fun and meeting new people and cultures. This is confirmed by Luke Dolejší: "The European Youth Parliament in particular has shown me that there are young people who care about what is happening around them, and who want to share your thoughts with others. I learned to express their views, discuss the team and find a common solution in the form of compromise. Present this compromise before a large number of people and in a foreign language. Today I have no problem to appear in a speech before hundreds of people – as opposed to my first meeting, when I nearly bit the nervous language, "he added with a smile. There is therefore no doubt that any participation in this project is not only good for your Benefit subsequent studies, but maybe a future job. "Membership in the EPM definitely motivates everyone to greater interest in European and global affairs and increasing interest in the policy itself. If members decide to pursue a career in real politics, membership in the EPM for them the best preparation. The same can be said as my Estonian friend of EYP, which now sits in the Estonian parliament, "concluded President EPM.

** ** Where to find more If you are enthusiastic about the project of the European Parliament and would like him to attend, further information and contacts can be found on the websites of the European Parliament in the Czech Republic „: or directly on the“ European Youth Parliament " : Nearest events to which you subscribe, the Czech Forum, which will take place this autumn.

Photo by order: 1 President Dolejší Luke, 2 Meeting of the European delegation, 3 Pardubice treats the Eurovillage

Author: Černá, Lucie

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