Sexology conference at UP Olomouc Added:1.3. 2009
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Sexology conference at UP Olomouc

Czech Civic Association of Psychology Students' Association held on 27 – 29 March 2009 VI. ** National Conference of Sex … for us, you and you **. The conference, which will be a unique event in the professional field of social science, deals with themes of sexuality from the perspective of psychology, sexology, law and other related fields, will be held at the Art Centre of Palacky in Olomouc.

The conference aims to enable participants to visit a series of lectures and discussions in the field of sexuality and interpersonal relationships of individuals. „Mentioned here are the views of sexuality commonly discussed, but also those of which he speaks much less,“ said branch manager Olomouc Czech Association of Psychology Students Ivo Hero.

During three days in Manchester will be his contributions leading Czech experts social sciences. About what is for us in the natural sex, such as the front speak Czech sexologist Professor PhDr. Peter Weiss, Ph.D. Themes management of sexual problems reveal prof. Mgr. Stanislav Kratochvil, PhD., Winner of Palacky's Lifetime Achievement in the field of clinical psychology. On the contrary, such as Mgr. Lenka Šilerová, PhD. Will focus on the relationship of advertising and sexual themes, and criminal law approaches the issue of sexuality, JUDr. Mitlohner Miroslav, Ing. Other speakers will also address the literature on sex, sexuality, mental disabilities or psychological aspects of intimate surgery.

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