COMPARISON OF COURSES: Cultural and Social Anthropology Added:17.3. 2009
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COMPARISON OF COURSES: Cultural and Social Anthropology

„As Barbara reflected that, who knows what it is barbarism,“ said Claude Levi-Strauss, the man who greatly influenced the view of Western civilization in the life of primitive peoples. If you are fascinated by the diversity of cultures and their fragility, if you dread the threat of cultural homogenization and draws where you study endangered ethnic groups, may be the study of social anthropology way you lose after graduating from high school. Note: This article has been updated first 12th 2009 (-pel-)

Though the social or cultural anthropology (see „this article“:…em/index.php?…) field of very young, at Czech schools is widely represented and potential candidates are strongly choose from.

Field Name **: ** ==== Sociology and Social Anthropology ====

** Where ** Department of Sociology Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University ** Website: ** „“: ** Implementation of study: ** Dvouborové study (but perhaps only the combination of sociology) Characteristics of study ** ** Field consists of two social sciences, which are very close: Social anthropology and sociology. Social anthropology emphasis on anti-evropocentrismus student trying to learn what is and what is variable universal across societies and cultures. Particular attention is paid to the dichotomy of society – culture. Emphasis is placed on the methodology of sociological and anthropological research (quantitative and qualitative), research techniques and methods of data processing and analysis, as well as knowledge of statistics and mathematics that are needed in particular in sociology. Study includes the history of classical sociology of sociology, an overview of paradigms and personalities of contemporary sociology, introduction to sociology by professional and sociological perspective on contemporary society. ** Admission ** tests for admission decisions OSP organized by SCIO. The Charles University is also studying „General Anthropology“: the master's level (including cultural and social anthropology, ethology extended to humans) and a doctoral program „Anthropology“: http: / /

Field Name **: ** ==== Sociology and Social Anthropology ====

** Where ** Faculty of Philosophy, University of Pardubice ** Website: ** „“: ** Implementation of study: single-subject study ** Characteristics of study ** ** Graduate Studies in particular acquire skills in social anthropology and sociology, as well the philosophy and law. Graduates are familiar with the issue of ethnic processes – is able to analyze the current problems of ethnic minorities and conflict in the Czech Republic and abroad. It focuses also on issues of intercultural communication and multiculturalism. They will acquire the skill to prepare, implement and evaluate the qualitative research field. Students control the Romani language proficiency level. ** Admission ** Candidates pass a written entrance exam, which consists of two tests: the test of history – significant dates and events of world and Czech history, the general socio-scientific survey, and the test of geography – such as politico-geographic division of the world, ethnic structure, ethnic conflicts today.

Field Name **: ** ==== Social and Cultural Anthropology ====

** Where ** Faculty of Arts University of West Bohemia ** Website: ** „“:…logie_bc.php, ** Implementation of study: single-subject study ** Characteristics of study ** ** The study is focused primarily on understanding the foundations of cultural and social life of the peoples and populations. Emphasis is placed on practical application of knowledge obtained during the orientation in the contemporary world and the planting of ethnological thinking in the context of general education humanities. The study program is inspired mainly Anglo-Saxon conception of social and cultural anthropology, which focuses more on the humanitarian component, but also reflected the tradition of continental and central social sciences dealing with the more naturalistic component. ** Admission ** entrance examination is a form of written test, which comprises fifty questions about history, philosophy, Czech and world literature, art history and general cultural survey. Due to the nature of the study program is an admission test was written test comprising ten questions, which verify the basic knowledge of English.

Field Name **: ** ==== ==== Social Anthropology

** Where ** Faculty of Social Studies ** Website: ** „­“: ** Implementation of study: ** The course is offered in two-field combination with other disciplines of the faculty. ** Characteristics of the study: Study ** Social Anthropology will prepare its students as experts on a qualitative study of local cultural systems and social processes, in particular adaptation to local manifestations of broader social and cultural changes in different kolektivitách, communities, groups, movements, institutions and organizations. Graduated from bachelor degree field of social anthropology is to have theoretical knowledge, practical research and interpretative skills that enable the identification of deep structures of local cultural systems and social processes necessary for understanding contemporary social phenomena such as migration, immigrant integration, ethnic relations and conflicts, or the formation and symbolic reproduction of communities and movements. ** Admission ** tests for admission decisions OSP and SES organized by SCIO.

Field Name **: ** ==== ==== Cultural Anthropology

** Where ** Palacky University Faculty of Arts ** Website: ** „“: ** Implementation of study: ** The course is offered in two-field-time and combined with all other branches of the faculty. ** Characteristics of the study: ** Students are encouraged to master the methodology of scientific and anthropological research. Emphasis is placed on the historically-cultural profile of the graduate (that provide inter-disciplinary courses in fields such as history, philosophy, sociology, adult education, psychology, art history, etc.). The study is conceived rather as the study of humanities, than a study focused on the scientific, ethnological and bio-medical. ** Admission ** entrance examination is organized by Scio as a test for the SES-time study and test the OSP for two-field studies.

Compare schools offering related to anthropology, ethnology study found „here“:…em/index.php?….

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