The Special Study: Social Pedagogy Added:13.3. 2009
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The Special Study: Social Pedagogy

Social education is becoming increasingly skloňovaným term, but few of us under it introduces something specific, many of the discipline often coincides with the special pedagogy. So what is the content of social studies education, where it can learn and apply what you expected? Note: Article was updated on 23 11th 2009th

** ** The content of study Social pedagogy is often regarded as a marginal field. It examines the primary social relationships in the educational process and the influence of social environment on humans. It also deals with education and outside school hours care and the socially problematic individuals (children and young people, leaving individuals, individuals in crisis situations). Important role to play in the study had a different experience in the form of internships, field trips and individual projects.

** Items ** The basic courses of one theory and methodology of social education, including knowledge of relevant policy, law, psychology, management, and medicine. Attention also focuses on the functioning of various institutions related to social education and leisure organizations.

** Entrance Exam ** Entrance exams are of course vary greatly depending on individual universities. But generally you can expect a written test with questions on basic concepts of social pedagogy, social pathology and social work. Discover can also be designed to test your general knowledge in the social sciences (psychology, sociology, political science, history, philosophy, culture). Increasingly, it is sufficient to adopt the successful completion of a test of general assumptions for the study, which focuses on the skills and logical thinking. The exception is the personal interview ascertaining the motivation to study. In detail, however, tell the exact requirements of a particular faculty! See also "model test HTF UK ':…t_2009_b.doc.

** Where can you study ** Social pedagogy can be studied in many places in the country. Charles University in Prague, this study offers at two schools, and philosophical and theological-Hussite. Also in Brno, the applicants can choose between professional and Faculty of Arts (specialization in counseling). Czech Budejovice branch leading to the teaching faculty, as well as the University of Hradec Kralove (focus on institutional care and physical výchovovu), Ostrava (focus on prevention and rehabilitation) and Usti nad Labem. In Zlin search social pedagogy Faculty of Humanities (focus on helping professions) in Manchester on Cyril and Methodius Theological Faculty.

** Graduates ** Successful graduates of social pedagogy are fairly wide choice of employment. The possibility of application in the public service (schools, orphanages, special schools, diagnostic and educational institutions) and various social institutions (foundations and charities, crisis centers, clinics for disabled children and youth). Also expected to participate in the life of their own region or community, where he will graduate able to use communication, organizational and management skills in a supportive and advisory activities. Graduates should also be equipped with skills to manage the operation of educational institutions or nonprofit organizations.

** The opinion of students ** "Social pedagogy is very interesting, while generally beneficial, an industry that would perhaps deserve more attention. The only major problem is finance sector, which suffered more than just a state institution. The rest is paid for and sponsored substandard. In this field, but I very much appreciate the variety of future applications. I do art therapy or other therapies, a retirement home, people with disabilities, hyperactive children, dependent or even start your own organization. "Susan S., the third student HTF year at Charles University in Prague

"Social Studies Education, I chose because I can in future be able to work with children in primary schools as a social educator. For such work is a necessity to know the basics of social psychology, pedagogy, education, sociology, law and other educational items. The study is interesting, we get new information and knowledge. In addition to a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment brings a lot of learning new information from the objects that one does not know and never studied. "John C., student bathrooms. Education at University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice

** Attention ** Do not confuse social pedagogy Special! Special Education focuses on working with clients with special needs. Graduates are thus able to study after working with people with mental or health (physical, hearing, sight) impairments. They can also be applied in the education of children in specialized facilities or the conduct of various therapies. Social pedagogy is a more interdisciplinary focus, trying to understand the relationships in society, and therefore the action of the extended work with minorities in crisis management centers, or in different organizations.

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