Josef Lux Award 2009 Added:3.3. 2009
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Josef Lux Award 2009

Endowment Fund Josef Lux announced for the 2009 competition for university students and doctoral students of the humanities, especially history, political science and sociology. Work will be evaluated by a panel chaired by John Sokol.

This year's theme is Transforming ** Czech society after 1989 and the development of democracy in today **. Work may focus on the transformation and profile of political parties in the Czech Republic, the transition to democracy in various aspects or reflections of media and civil politics.

Professional work should have a range of about 40–70 pages, and participants can send them to the 20th ** 9th 2009 ** together with the application to the address indicated on the website. The winner will receive 50,000 CZK ** **.

Details: The Foundation of Josef Lux. ": Http://www.fon­­ce2009.html

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