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Step by step: How to outwit the graduation essay Added:17.3. 2009
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Step by step: How to outwit the graduation essay

The content of GCSE can change how it wants, but examination of the Czech language and literature, it seems to just fall out. After all, control your native language is obviously base. In addition to the oral exam is part of the essay or "slohovka. The following article will, therefore, gives some advice on how best to outwit her, and how often to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Essay seeks to demonstrate how students are able to create a meaningful and comprehensive piece of text without significant training and using only those norms and rules, which requires any public communication. These include a logical word order, use appropriate language levels (in this case usually literary), and the correct spelling of course, a given theme and stylistic patterns of the selected process.

The actual writing essays and in the future, any text should include several steps.

** Step number one: relax ** This seemingly trivial council has to achieve the best performance and surprising meaning. It is known that the nervous and hasty thinking obscure the brain and ultimately the final grade. Before writing, therefore rozdýchejte and relax. Do not forget to drink. Smile to be his companions and wish them luck. Such distractions will certainly help them, too.

** Step two: Read the assignment ** That would be trite advice number two? Yes, but those who do not follow it, often repaid over earnings. Read the only recommendation, and drafting the proposed services, but also the themes. Choosing the topic is actually the first key decision in writing work, because it usually has no time to change it. Best you do when you see them at least by allusion imagine what you have written to him, if it were a single topic. Only in this way because you know that you fit best.

** Step number three: just start typing ** Banal advice number three, after all, the very act of writing one can not forget, you are saying about. This council has, however, only indicate that the time is pitiless, and so mental and Reflection phases to conserve and not waste precious minutes.

** Step number four: Outline ** The syllabus is an integral part of every job. In practice, especially when you write more often, you will outline bear in mind almost automatically, but the school still must create it in writing. It will help you lay out your content structure, component parts and especially the length of the work. At the same time you know whether your thoughts about a topic to another nerozbíhají conflicting directions.

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/2840/tuz­ka.JPG]

** Step number five: "Think twice …** … and one write for real. The concept of work you prefer to read a row at least three. First check:

  • Whether you are „neodběhli“ from the topic – the topic is non-traditional mistake to reduce signs
  • If you followed the recommendation, but more firmly the stylistic approach – take all the information you learned in the style of hours during the year, make sure that your work has only those linguistic resources that the department requires a stylistic (eg, use, or contrary, the elimination of direct speech and speaker issues, etc.), and it is working properly structured (introduction, state, conclusion)
  • That word does not replicate
  • If you do not use too many complex sentences and phrases
  • If you remember the paragraph, and they are just where they really are
  • If you do not exceed the allowed range

Then go through the text again but this time, focus only on spelling. The final reading should include a comprehensive inspection work.

** Step number six: mostly legible ** Before you write the Nazis again calm down a bit. One of the important parameters of assessment is the legibility of text, and then, with trembling hands reaching really hard. And after all it would be a pity if your hard-sorted thoughts lost in a tangle of unidentifiable shapes … The very well rewrite the focus to avoid unnecessary crossed out. Remember to use paragraphs, even those you've marked out the concept in a later stop. Follow exactly the structure, as indicated in the assignment of work, and remember that even when the correct adjustment of the front page. When writing to keep an eye on how much time is left to the delivery of the work.

** Step number seven: finish area ** While your text will after all the previous steps, know almost by heart, after all it can to see the end yet. Nobody is perfect, and it is possible that you could make a mistake during transcription completely flawless text.

** Step number eight: hand ** … and the day will not think of anything ..

Good luck!

Author: Černá, Lucie

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