What is the best university you can find on the Internet? Added:6.3. 2009
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What is the best university you can find on the Internet?

For the fifth year of the Spanish organization ** ** Cybermetrics Lab twice a year publishes a ranking of universities according to their visibility on the web. This project is called ** „Webometrics Ranking of Universities Wolrd“ ** and evaluates primarily the number of pages you can visit the website of the university, the possibility to search for work or quotations from them.

In the ranking published in January is relatively well placed two Czech universities: ** ** Charles University in Prague at the 144th place (35th largest in Europe) and ** ** Masaryk University in Brno at the 199th place (59th place in Europe). Furthermore, the ranking figures CTU (293rd place), VSB-TU Ostrava (519th place) and BUT (560th place).

The first twenty traditionally held American university, the top rails are specifically Massachusetts University of Technology, Stanford University and Harvard University. It was not until the 24th Canadian site is located at the University of Toronto and the 28th place at the University of Cambridge. The group analyzed a total of over 16 000 ** ** Web of World Universities.

More information „here.“: Http://www.we­bometrics.info/

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