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Where to get money to study? Added:21.3. 2009
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Where to get money to study?

Undergraduate Life today is not an expensive affair. Spending is really pretty – from transport, food and accommodation through teaching aids such as textbooks, but also a laptop, to sports, hobbies and student celebration. All of a burden on the family purse. There are several ways to augment financially during their studies and take the least part of the responsibility on himself.

===== Brigade

The classic and the best way Brigade. Offer part-time jobs, or one-off impact of employment is quite varied. If you are lucky, you will come on very well paid and interesting job. Wages are around 60 crowns per hour (mostly manual labor in the warehouse, replenishment and light office work) to almost 100 crowns per hour (work of hostesses and promoters). Tempting offer high hourly wages also have engaged in telemarketing company. Often, however, such an assessment depends on the ability to sell the phone as many products on offer and the resulting wage or the total work is not as interesting as it was portrayed in the advertisement.

Where, then, look for temporary jobs? Offer the broadest and most provide Web sites focused on advertising jobs, such as „“: or „“: http://www.prace. com /. The advantage is just her timeliness and the ability to immediately respond to an advertisement. Another way is to register in one of the agencies aimed directly at the student brigade. The agency will offer you work according to your time schedule. Of course you do not accept all offers. You work when you want and where you want. A small drawback is that, your salary can be deducted as part of the mediation agency, so in effect you get a little less than if you were working directly under the company. On the other hand, salaries in many cases they are paid at intervals shorter than the following month. Among students of the agency are „“: „“: or „“ :

Scholarships for both regular and special students

As any college student you are also entitled to use several types of scholarship programs provided by the schools themselves. Assuming that you meet the conditions laid down by the scholarship rules. The most common type is an accommodation scholarship. To get from the school to achieve the desired amount of money, you have to study their first-ever high school (the first being the counts to which you were first enrolled) and must not reside in the area near the school – the exact figure is always a concrete school. The amount of accommodation scholarships ranges between 600 and 800 CZK per month. It is most often paid in three quarters or termly. Students in a difficult social situation, the family is less than times the minimum set by law is required to provide college scholarship social. After a well deserved reward will be diligent and hardworking students, more courses beaters or years, the average degree does not limit stipulated in the school. This scholarship can range from a few hundred to several thousand a year. Schools also announces scholarship programs, for example, to support creative activities, for outstanding scientific and research activities focused on scholarships or internships abroad and study.

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( No) cost loans

Young people are yearning for education also became a convenient target group for the banking sector and began offering so-called student loans. Of all the options were the fastest way to get a larger amount of money. On the other hand, is in all ways the trickiest and most controversial. Although it appears that living in debt is normal today, it is worth considering whether it is really necessary to float a loan before you actually earn. Through student loans you can obtain 30–500 thousand. Banks, in fact, provide most loans at the lower boundary. The advantage of student loans are lower interest rates than conventional loans and an overdraft, and the ability to repay after graduation. That does not mean that the bank will not have to pay anything. Every month you must pay interest on the loan and the costs of maintaining an account that will be established together with the loan. The Bank does not control what the borrowed money to invest, but each year of study requires confirmation. The moment you do not supply, you will be considered self-employed and thus able to repay.

What do students ?

That is a possibility. Let's see how many students use. Respondents answered the following questions:

  1. How is it with you to Brigade? They can be prosecuted, or in terms of finance, you must rely on the family?
  2. Would / Have you ever thought about student loan? What do you think?
  3. Did / Have you at any college scholarships? How were you / and satisfied with its size?

** Daniel Hlavackova, Social education and counseling, 1 year, the Arts of Masaryk University in Brno **

  1. The brigade is not, but given the amount of free time at the moment I could slowly work part-time without falling. Worse to come by brigade (at least for me)
  2. The student loan I never considered, nor have I heard of it. But my attitude is that if one does not necessarily lend, it would not rush into loans, and student tuple no longer – now is the debt maturity of the region.
  3. I use for accommodation due to family situation in which we are suited to every dollar, so I'm happy with it.

** Anthony Kuttmann, History, 2 year, Arts, Charles University, Prague **

  1. The only option is to work through the weekend – and quite a lot when you're paying 3000 per five-room center. It can be prosecuted, but bid farewell to free weekends.
  2. He wondered for some future financial security of the application in a total amount of this is a decent option.
  3. I am the proud recipient of social grants that are given to three-month intervals. Social scholarship has failed to pay my fee ", so nothing much.

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