COMPARISON OF COURSES: Transport, traffic and transportation technology solutions Added:19.3. 2009
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COMPARISON OF COURSES: Transport, traffic and transportation technology solutions

Roads, highways, railways and other infrastructure are already now almost an essential part of our country. And do that in future it would be otherwise. That is why the majors focusing on transport issues seem to be a choice that is relatively certain applications. And beware, many have yet to be filing! (Article was first updated 12th 2009)

Czech Technical University in Prague

Faculty === transport

=== About the studio

FD ČVUT on its Web site states that „the concept of transport as the preferred system, with an emphasis on telematics in both rail and road transport also. In addition, the faculty focuses on logistics, transport and computer science disciplines in the field of air transport and other problems of this sector ". The study is designed as a "project-oriented.“ This means that students are at least two semesters deal with real projects, which students choose from the suggested topics (in the specific technical, economic and socio-technical or technical problems). On most projects involving more students, helping them learn teamwork and the organization. His work can be extended in the following Master's studies.

** Degree program: ** Engineering and Technology in Transport and Communications

** Fields **

  • Automation and Informatics (P, 4 years)
  • Transportation Systems and Technology (P, 4 years)
  • Air transport (P, 4 years)
  • Management and Economics of Transport and Telecommunications (P, K, 4 years)
  • Aircraft Maintenance Technology (M, 4 years)
  • Professional Pilot (P, 3.5 years)

More information about the various undergraduate fields, see „here“:…imaci-rizeni.

Graduates === === Graduates of this program find application inter alia in the field of transport and telecommunication infrastructure and transport telematics in particular the middle management level. Many of the candidate attracts with its focus on air transport, so that students can stand for further studies such as a professional pilots, workers in the field of air traffic control or air traffic management, etc. Teaching the program takes place in Prague and Decin, except for the air transport, aircraft maintenance technology, and professional pilot. These are implemented only in Prague.

Admission tests === === The entrance examination consists of written test in mathematics and physics (applicants degree in professional pilot is also in English) and then from the oral interview. Applicants participating in Decin, only an oral interview. The oral interview candidates for the Professional Pilot Study to place the assessment in addition to the successful pilot training, which consists of a control school-leaving certificate, proof of health checks qualifications 1 class obtained at the Institute of Aviation Medicine, and verifications of the candidate that he is aware of the need bear the financial costs of practical training from their own financial resources (training in the bachelor degree is free, but the practical flight training candidate transport aviation is about EUR 1 million). Tests in math, you can try the „here“:, tests of physics ‚here‘:…uska_fyzika/ .

Faculty Web: ":

University of Pardubice == ==

Jan Perner Transport Faculty

=== About the studio

Transport Faculty at the University of Pardubice is conceived as a faculty multi-disciplinary nature of trade-economic and technological-technical focus. "In comparison with the traffic engineer and is more focused on road and rail transport, traffic technology, logistics and freight forwarding activities.

** Degree Program: Civil Engineering **

** Fields **

  • Traffic Engineering (M, 4 years)

** Degree program: ** Transportation and Communications Technologies

** Fields **

  • Traffic Management, Marketing and Logistics (P, K, 3 years)
  • Management, Marketing and Logistics in the joints (P, K, 3 years)
  • Technology and Management (Technology focus and management of transport systems and (P, K, 3 years) Logistics Technologies (P, 3 years))
  • Vehicles (specialization Road vehicles and rolling stock) (P, K, 3 years)
  • Transport infrastructure (road transport orientation (K, 3 years) and electrical equipment in transport (P, K, 3 years))
  • Operational reliability of transport infrastructure (focus Operational reliability of transport infrastructure and environmental protection in transport) (P, K, 3 years)
  • Applied Informatics in Transport (P, 3 years)

More information about individual fields, see „here“:…ristiky.html.

Graduates === === Graduates will be applied in various transport companies and enterprises in manufacturing, construction and trading companies, in research and design organizations, state government, but also in education.

Admission tests === === Candidates were recruited on the basis of the structure and the results examined subjects at GCSE and also the results of the last year of high school.

Faculty Web: ":

Czech University of Agriculture

Faculty of Engineering === ===

Also in the CUA find a field that is closely related to traffic issues. Lists by Faculty of Engineering.

** Fields **

  • Road transport and urban car

This study prepares graduates for management of operational, technological and economic activities in the road and public transport (except rail transport). In their studies, students learn about the construction and operation of motor vehicle engines and mechanisms, as well as the basics of storage technology, but also economics and urban road transport. Moreover, educates students in information technology and business planning and transport, including all legal and safety regulations. Students also learn to project the transport network and passenger transport. The professional program of study consists of five groups of subjects: Motor vehicles, Road transport, Traffic Engineering, Economics and Management and Elective courses.

Graduates === === Graduates will be applied in the management of operational, technological and economic activities, road and urban road transport, as well as in research, production and trade of automobile and traffic-engineering firms, manufacturers and distributors for automobiles and spare parts in service units, logistics firms, testing laboratories, insurance of motor vehicles on public offices and elsewhere.

Admission tests === === Tests are written and composed of mathematics and physics. Sample test in mathematics, see „here“: of physics „here“:

Faculty Web: ":

VSB – Technical University of Ostrava

Faculty of Civil Engineering === ===

Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Technical University of Ostrava program offers two courses of Civil Engineering, which is closely related to the transport sector.

** Degree Program: Civil Engineering **

** Fields **

  • Traffic Engineering

This field is in its content focuses on the study, research and forecasting phenomena and patterns of transport. Students are familiarized with the procedures used in road planning and transport solutions.

  • Transport Construction

Study is based on general engineering and construction-technical base. Students can choose from two approaches, namely, road construction and railway engineering. During their studies, learn about different modes of construction and technology, learn how to manage transport infrastructure to reduce the negative effects of transport on the environment and much more.

More detailed information about individual fields, see „here“:…rske-studium.

Graduates === === Traffic Engineering graduates are equipped with knowledge on the development and impact of transport and the organization and management. Apply in a can, among other institutions and companies dealing with design, implementation, monitoring and assessment of buildings and traffic engineering measures, then the police or the government. Graduates of Transportation construction are employed in the preparation, design, implementation and maintenance of vehicles and construction equipment (for example, the construction of highways, the modernization of regional and high-speed rail lines and integrated transport systems, etc.) and others.

Admission tests === === About admission to study Dean decided to study the benefits and academic average of high school. The order of accepted applicants will be determined by the average results for each class in high school.

Faculty Web: ":

== Other schools

Sectors related to transportation also offer other high schools:


** Faculty of Mechanical Engineering **

** Degree Program: Mechanical Engineering **

** Fields **

  • Mechanical Engineering (M, 3 years)
  • Construction machinery and equipment (P, 3 years)

(More about these subjects can be found ‚here‘:…)

Faculty Web: ":

  • West Bohemia in Pilsen

** Faculty of Mechanical Engineering **

** Degree Program: Mechanical Engineering **

** Focus **

  • Diagnosis and servicing of road vehicles

(More about this focus can be found ‚here‘:…maci-rizeni/).

Faculty Web: ":


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