The Special Branch: Radio and TV scriptwriting and dramaturgy Added:23.3. 2009
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The Special Branch: Radio and TV scriptwriting and dramaturgy

Your drawers overflowing with paper stories and fictional stories? Do you love radio? Do you imagine when reading books, how would the story was filmed? Then you would be interested in field radio and television scriptwriting and dramaturgy. Note: Article was updated on the 29th 11th 2009 (-pel-)

Radio and television screenwriting and dramaturgy offers Theatre Faculty of Janáček Academy of Performing Arts. This is not a „three disciplines in one,“ as the name may seem, but a vast field that offers a comprehensive knowledge of different sectors of copyright. Prof. studio leads. PhDr. Posted by Anthony, screenwriter, playwright, poet and presenter with a wealth of practical experience. It is the practice for this field is crucial.

In the academic year 2010/2011 DO NOT OPEN THE BRANCH

** ** The content of studies Words of the official website of JAMU students are consistently encouraged to separate attempts at journalistic, prose and drama departments. Particular attention is devoted to radio and television adaptations of literary works. Faculty seeks students with specialized training and education in a broader cultural context. Future TV and radio editors and writers are here not only learn to use the specifics of television and radio for their own work, but it is also a focus in cultural events and history. The aim of education is generally editors and writers who are technically skilled as well as thoughtful and artistically creative.

** Items ** The study focuses in addition to radio and television (most subjects focused on different genres, their development and their own projects), also the film (Typology of filmmaking courses, chapters from the history of world cinema), Drama (Theory of Drama, Contemporary Drama), literary activity ( Changes literature Author's work) and media in general (Working with the media, Media and Society). In addition to compulsory subjects are also available profiling subjects focusing on a specific area.

** Teaching ** Since this is a practically oriented field, the emphasis is on their own production, which evaluates the workshops and comments. Even theoretically oriented subjects are discussed discusses substance between teacher and students to write essays and then discusses about them again. The year is a small number of students (ranging around five to seven students in the studio), so teaching is based on individual approach and personality development of students.

** Graduates ** An indisputable advantage for the future practice of students is contact with a number of other fields of dramatic art, with their actions and projects, as well as public media professionals, which offers study in the Theatre faculty.

** Entrance Exam ** Admission is two rounds. The first round should be sent to the school's own examples of creative activities and to demonstrate the orientation of the field. This year, required three short prozaistické writers or texts, analytic reasoning about Czech film of recent analysis of radio and television productions and feature films and documentaries, which attracted candidates, along with an explanation why. Works are scoring points and decide on the procedure to the second round, where candidates awaiting a written test to test the orientation of the field of culture, its practical and creative skills course is an oral interview.

** ** The view of the student „This program is a great opportunity, but you want to do something. It is not here just to walk, "salts“ projects and taking out the title. Actually, I can not really imagine that the school going to do without, without you really enjoyed it. Get here a chance to work on projects from practice, something to learn, lots to learn it. In return those the school has „eaten“ a large part of leisure and other activities, you need to do. But it's absolutely wonderful … "says Paul Gotthard, a student of third year.

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