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Step by step: How do you facilitate learning? Added:25.3. 2009
Updated:1.2. 2013
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Step by step: How do you facilitate learning?

In the last few months before graduation many a student discovers that human memory is not inflated, and sometimes love defies. So do many college students during exam periods. Learning then you really like torture. What to do and where to seek help? We bring you seven tips. The article was updated on the 11th 2nd 2010 (KAV).

1st ===== Namotivujte the =====

A seemingly trivial and useless advice, you say? Not. The motivation would not be going in circles tumbling, if he really did not constitute a substantial part of your efforts. As an incentive to choose anything nice or important to you. The idea of ​​long quiet holiday, vacation with friends, any remuneration or even the fact that you climbed anything at the moment so intractable, you will drive in difficult moments.

2nd ===== Plan =====

Whether it is two months or two weeks before the exam, always lay out the curriculum to suit your ability and time available. It will not happen to you so that you miss something in a hurry. With each completed parts of the plan will also be quieter and you lose the sense of always prosecute. The plan will also make the order notes and study materials – find out what is missing and logically organize the curriculum. If you, the individual parts will follow and will be linked together, they will remember it easier. And that brings us to the specific advice.

3rd ===== Mark the most important =====

„Get your markers, whether you head to the better jumps,“ he said one of my professor. And she was right. Highlight the most important concepts, facts and figures – no matter whether in color or a different font. Use subtitles for some passages. The curriculum in my head while you arrange and will form the basic skeleton of the most important knowledge, which you should not forget.

If you do not like lyrics in Rally parrot colors, try it important to expand the outline – the effect will be similar. In addition, a chart can be used as a guide for repetition without consult complete notes.

A higher level then the curriculum is called mind maps. Mind maps help you to remember not only the essential facts, but also force you to be seen in context. Effective as well as the involvement of the visual aspects of thinking. Creating such a map is not difficult – the middle of the paper illustrate the (word, image or both) the main theme. From him leading the line (subtopics) under this theme, one then another and another line to the concepts and images. Proceeds from general to more specific until the last term. You can use color to differentiate the various sub-themes, different font styles, images, symbols, or describe the line is back together. An example of a simple mind maps are given in the figure. Maps can use also organize ideas in essay or essays.

[* * Http://toncar­.cz/Clanky/mys­lenkove_mapy_sou­bory/Myslenko­va_mapa.png]

4th ===== Involve all the senses =====

The map is partly related thought our next board. What we learn, are easier to remember, if it sees more of our senses. Instead of the usual read through the material read aloud, things can also imagine, if he is a Couple of pictures. It also helps to write down the substance, which is obviously time consuming, but well-interest-bearing words such as learning foreign languages.

5th ===== Use mnemonics =====

The mnemonic aids you have probably already heard, or have ever had unknowingly used. Mnemonics used by a malicious act of the human psyche, when one remembers, in most cases the relevant information instead of stupidity. It also works with rýmováním, combining concepts into stories (often absurd and curious). Eg. „Emily threw a grenade in an atomic power plant“ (the first letter indicates the strings on a guitar), „Save the Donkey“ (6378 – Earth's radius in kilometers), or one of the more elaborate coil as a girl – at first resists, then does not want to go. "( indicates a physical phenomenon where when you insert it into the magnet coil and puts in his ejection coil resistance). On the basis of mnemonics is also based remembering code morse code as short and long syllables, words beginning with the appropriate letter (b as the flash of lightning: -… About as O our Lord: – – -). Of course, you can create and own tools.

6th Relax

In any rush you, take some time to rest. After some time learning is decreasing concentration. Go take a walk on air – even for only half an hour, work out, anything is odreagujte. At that moment, learning to forget and let your brain catch his breath again. Neukrajujte a very normal period of sleep. Sleepless is not learn too much.

7th ===== Encourage the =====

If all the previous advice fail, you can reach for stimulants food supplements, herbal teas and tinctures. Their use, however, does not make sense long term – then the effect fades, the body adapts to them. It is recommended that they tend only to stress situations and periods.

As far as commonly available dietary supplements significant effects on brain activity have nootropics and lecithin. Nootropics are sold in the form of a glass ampoule (Speed ​​8 UP! Energy) or in the form of tablets. They are available in stores with food supplements (often for athletes and fitness) and pharmacies. Their reactions are quite fast – you should feel about one hour. Lecithin also sells granulated gelatin capsules. It prevents the formation of cholesterol, helps to correct the brain blood supply and improves its function. It works after about 90 minutes to approximately 5 hours.

The herbs most often recommended the use of Ginkgo biloba extract or Ginkgo biloba. Buy it as a pharmacy in the form of tablets, as well as tincture, tea and syrup. Dilates blood vessels, brain blood flow, and thus improves memory. I strongly support not only the effects of brain activity is guarana. Guarana is a tropical South American plant. You can find it only in the form of herbal extracts, but also in drinks (often energy). In addition to stimulating the brain and the concentration is also active against fatigue. Its effects can be increased by mixing with lemon. Unlike caffeine, which is widely used as a means of uppers, and has a negative effect on the stomach. Less known is China's sub-tropical creeper klanopraška used for general effects of Chinese medicine. In particular, stimulates blood circulation, but also counteract forgetfulness, generally improves memory and removes mental fatigue. You can buy the herbal extract and decoction of her fetus. Guarana, and ginkgo klanoprašku search not only in the herb, but also about nutrition.

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