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What are the possibilities of sport in college? Added:29.3. 2009
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What are the possibilities of sport in college?

In high school schedule is usually clear: almost everything is optional. The hardship to some of the physical education after graduation may still seem to be, but others are considering how to relax during a busy studying the movement, or. use your talent and passion for sports and high school. What options are offered?

University Gym magic lies in the fact that he finally ** ** You can choose what activity you perform. No one is forcing you do not swim when you are afraid of water, you can forget about a peaceful heart for signs of the pull-up and „extra wheels“ for latecomers and fears of a broken ligament in a muddle. Sports High School is a slightly different way.

Most universities in the Czech Republic requires a minimum of two semesters of physical education mandatory ** ** which is evaluated at the end of a certain (usually very high) number of credits. Such a system works as the University or the University, where you can meet a mandatory exercise at any time during the study. UK it usually requires the first year of study, then it is possible to attend an optional sport. CTU requires four semesters of compulsory physical education. In most cases, however, receive credit for summer (hiking, cycling) training course and winter (skiing). At some universities, the requirements vary by faculty.

** Optional ** exercises usually found at universities, a narrower professional focus, such as art schools or technical nature. Sports here are focusing hobbies.

** ** Range of sports activities in college is really varied. Of course there are team sports such as volleyball, football, hockey, hockey and basketball, individual activities such as swimming, athletics and running. Rather, the ladies might be interested in a rich menu of different types of aerobic dance and yoga. For the more adventurous are then used outdoor activities, wall climbing or rowing. On his coming to the fans of tennis or martial arts, some universities offer it as such „delicacies“ such as golf. If you have a medical exemption from physical education (or certain activities such as jumping), your case can certainly be addressed individually.

A third variant of the sport at the university is directly study the ** Departments of Sport and Physical Education **. Each college has increased so oriented institute or even faculty. Graduates of these courses will not necessarily find a place only as a PE teacher. The possibilities for future work are many: from the trainers in the fitness centers and hobby groups, over an area of ​​national defense to management in sport.

Last but not least, we should mention the various sports clubs ** ** founded by the universities. They usually have relatively high prestige and allow its members to participate in nationwide competitions. Friendly matches between teams of universities are also popular events. One year after the Czech Academic Games take place.

** Note ** The student can pass as well as discounts apply to different types of commercial sports and entrances to the sports facilities.

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